15 User Onboarding Tools Your Customers Will Thank You For

15 User Onboarding Tools Your Customers Will Thank You For

Your always-updated list of the best user onboarding tools on the market. Jump in and start building the ultimate onboarding stack.

Ray Slater Berry
16 min read
15 User Onboarding Tools Your Customers Will Thank You For

Much like an overpour of white wine at a fancy restaurant, or a healthy slice of Red Velvet cake on a Sunday, people love a good onboarding. According to Wyzowl, 63% of users now look into a company’s customer onboarding program before buying a product. User onboarding is a game-changer between whether someone hangs around with your product or not and can be the start of something glorious. 

The most intuitive tools still need a scalable and personalized customer onboarding process. Users expect to log in to a tool and be shown around. They understand that there will be a learning curve, but if that curve is too steep, all motivation goes out the window—as the BJ Fogg model dictates.

We want people to learn about our products, without realizing they’ve studied at all, and reach that pivotal “aha moment” as quickly as possible. Simply put, if people find value quickly, they’ll hang around for the long haul.

We’ve collected 15 of the most intuitive, well-designed, and advanced user onboarding tools on the market to help do that. We want a user’s first product experience in onboarding to be as smooth as that extra sip of wine and as sweet as that well-deserved slice of cake.  

🤔 New to user onboarding? Check out our article on What is User Onboarding? We’ll see you back here in ten.  

Here’s a breakdown of the onboarding tools we’ll cover in this article—from implementation to reporting, user onboarding is everywhere.

These user onboarding tools can help you through different stages of the product lifecycle:

  1. Proof: Pre-signup user onboarding

  2. Chameleon: In-app user onboarding

  3. DIY: Build Vs. Buy Calculator

  4. ActiveCampaign: Omni-channel user onboarding

  5. Demio: Video webinar onboarding

  6. Sleeknote: Onboarding with popups

  7. Loom: Video & Screen share onboarding

  8. Zendesk: Onboarding with customer success

  9. Skilljar: Knowledge hub onboarding

  10. FullStory: User experience analytics

  11. Hotjar: User interaction insights

  12. Mixpanel: User behavior dashboards

  13. Amplitude: Product Intelligence

  14. Segment: Customer profiling

  15. Maze: Product feedback and prototyping

If you’ve already got your user onboarding tools down and your reporting tools lined up, we’ll save you the scroll. Jump straight over to our user onboarding inspiration section. 

Pre-signup user onboarding tools #

Onboarding doesn’t have to start when someone signs up for your product or logs onto your platform. You can get your prospective users “product-ready” before they’ve even interacted with your product for the first time. How? By using personalization on your website and a tool that helps you trial different onboarding tactics. 

Proof #

With Proof, you can integrate data from your tech stack, build custom pages depending on audiences, and get personal with how you speak to potential customers. 

Whether you’re addressing business types like startups or enterprises, industry niches like e-commerce, or even addressing someone by their name, you can trial users on different personas until you find a fit that educates and converts to start the onboarding process. 


The basic plan starts at $29 per month and rolls through to their platinum plan at $299 per month. If you want more than 300k unique visitors, it’s best to contact the Proof team directly. 

In-app user onboarding tools #

For all of you product people out there who need to onboard users within your platform and you're looking for the right onboarding tool to help, we’ve got you.

Remember, in-app messaging within a user onboarding flow needs to be as joyful as your product itself. It sets someone up for success and helps to quell that lurking churn rate snapping at your ankles. Here’s how you can do it well. 

Chameleon #

We both know Chameleon was bound to pop up sooner or later. So, here we are, front and center for in-app guides. Chameleon is a user onboarding tool that helps you improve user experience by guiding users in a way that’s timely, contextual, and relevant to them. 

Chameleon breaks down into four products: 

Tours: Give someone the full experience when bringing them into your product—use banners, modals, hotspots, and more to provide easy-running product tours and ensure new customers know their way around.

Tooltips: Tiny but powerful in-app messages—when a user needs more information, serve it on a plate there and then, so they can learn as they go. Away with the instruction manual, we say, away with you!

Launchers: Highly customizable widgets you can use to offer bitesize snippets of information that deepen user engagement and feature discovery. 

Microsurveys: Build contextual, continuous product feedback loops that give you valuable data on your onboarding flows and product engagement while not interrupting your user’s day. 

Here's our Co-Fonder and CEO, Pulkit Agrawal, to help you understand why your product is the most engaging channel, especially if you're focusing on Product-Led Growth (PLG).

Discover why your product is your most valuable channel #PLG


We offer a 14-day free trial for you to start experimenting with Chameleon Experiences, then, depending on your monthly users, business growth stage, and requirements, there are a few different price plans. Our paid packages start at $279 per month.

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Do It Yourself (DIY) #

DIY is one way many people consider managing user onboarding. Building your own onboarding tool in-house is certainly an option if you have the resources. But, in an effort to build this out yourself, it’s easy to lose track of why you’re here in the first place.

If you're not sure whether you should build or buy a user onboarding tool, go through our build vs. buy guide to understand the key factors and make your decision with confidence.  


What we’ll do is leave this here; the build vs. buy calculator, so you can do the math yourself and figure out if the DIY option is feasible and worth your time.  

Omni-channel user onboarding tools #

A multi-channel experience is just one of the user onboarding best practices every SaaS brand should be looking to implement. Yet, not all of us are set up for it as well as we’d like. If you need to onboard users outside of your SaaS platform, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Well, these versatile onboarding tools have, but we’ll welcome any thanks.

ActiveCampaign #

ActiveCampaign is the Swiss Roll of user onboarding tools. It takes your email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and support platforms under one roof, rolls them all together, and creates the sweetest of recipes for user onboarding that’s inclusive and aware of the content your users are receiving. 


Depending on the number of contacts you have, you can find the plan you need. ActiveCampaign pricing starts at $9 per month and runs through to $229 per month, with varying features and plans available in between. 


Demio #

Yes, we’ve got Zoom, we’ve got Skype, we’ve got Google Hangouts, but what do these require? Usually a download, and sometimes that little loading circle that doesn't seem to stop rotating, making your work impossible to complete.

Demio eradicates all of that and offers a user onboarding webinar experience entirely in a web browser. You can run recurring customer success webinars, one-on-one sessions with confused users, or host on-demand webinars where you can engage with users in real-time and help solve their problems. This tool is taking the heavy lifting out of user onboarding.


There’s a 14-day free trial. However, if you know this is the product you need already, it starts at $34 a month and varies in price depending on how many people you want to host in your virtual meeting room.

Sleeknote #

Who told you pop-ups are dead? We need to have words. Pop-ups are very much alive, kicking, and better yet, lifting your customer’s experience.

As an onboarding tool, Sleeknote allows you to not only create popups your customers want to see but the popups they didn’t know they needed. 

Use Sleeknote to create popups to collect email addresses, guide and connect with your visitors, and increase product sales and adoption. 

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Sleeknote offers you a 7-day free trial to play around with creating pop-ups. Depending on the number of monthly web sessions you have, there are optional billing plans starting at $49 per month—if you select the annual billing option, which saves you 20% on your yearly costs. 

Loom #

According to HubSpot, 96% of marketers said that video was essential to their marketing strategy. The team at Loom learned this from video’s repetitive win and host video onboarding software that can be shared anywhere via a link. 

If you haven’t tried Loom as a user onboarding tool, we highly recommend it. Whether you’re onboarding one person, or multiple, you can record a video, share your screen, and add that personal touch to your user onboarding experience or customer support.

Plus, when you drop the link in certain places, like Gmail, for example, it embeds like it was meant to be there. 

For example, here's how Mixpanel uses Loom and Chameleon in their onboarding process. Loom is embedded within a Chameleon modal—the social proof highlights the content of the video and a friendly face makes onboarding feel less automated.


This onboarding software offers reasonable pricing. Their free starter pack is not limited to a time frame and enables you to host 25 creators and create up to 100 videos, five minutes long. 

Their business plans start at $8 per month, per creator. There’s no recording limit with this plan; you can add your branding, CTAs, access engagement insights, and more. Go video, go! 

Customer success user onboarding tools #

Your customer’s success is your success. When they win, you win. When they celebrate with cake, you get cake too. We all know the importance of customers satisfaction, but it can be tricky getting them there. These customer success user onboarding tools are here to help you create a holistic customer-centric experience.

Zendesk #

You’ve most probably heard of Zendesk at some point in your professional career. It's like the Cheesecake of the SaaS world—everyone’s had a slice.

Coined the “Champion of customer service,” Zendesk can be used in two ways: to boost sales and to support your current customers. For the sake of the Zendesk as an onboarding tool, we’re looking at support. 

Support and onboard your customers with live chat and integrated voice services for 1-1 case, and provide a more interactive experience for customers. Or, choose to guide your customers through a knowledge base and offer smart self-service solutions to their pains. 


Prices for Zendesk tools vary pretty massively depending on your team size and individual business needs. Their essential plan starts from $5 per agent per month. Pricing runs right through to their Support Suite Enterprise plan at $149 per agent, per month. Take your pick. 

Skilljar #

The customer education platform that gets customers excited to use your product, Skilljar is your user-friendly resource hub that can bring a gamification element to user onboarding and product education. 

Host an entirely on-brand portal and have users take learning into their own hands, in their own time. Used by the likes of Slack, LinkedIn, and Asana—Skilljar allows you to build an entire educational hub without actually having to code anything. 


There’s no set plan or pricing structure with this tool. If you want to know how much it’ll cost, you’ll have to make a request—and then you’re already partly invested in the process 😉

Tools for analyzing and optimizing your user onboarding #

Despite some of the user onboarding tools we’ve mentioned above creating incredible products to help you onboard your customers, there’s undoubtedly a lack in the market for data feedback. 

So, here we are, offering you this cake too. Come take a slice.

FullStory #

FullStory offers powerful user experience analytics as your sole source of truth, enabling you to build on informed data decisions. You’ll understand and improve conversions, identify and prioritize points of friction, increase collaboration, and debug faster. 

FullStory integrates with most user onboarding tools out there (Chameleon is one of them 😉), enriching your tech stack and allowing you to continuously optimize your user onboarding experiences. 



FullStory offers a 14-day free trial, and after this, you can choose between a Business or Enterprise plan. Get a demo, talk to sales—and get the full story.

Hotjar #

Hotjar, you are our Apple Strudel on a Winter’s day. Reliable, simple, and incredibly satisfying. Hotjar serves you the numbers for how people interact with your product or website. It takes things a step further and shows their actions too. Using a collection of heatmaps, screen recordings, surveys, and incoming feedback, you’ll determine if your user onboarding experience is as intuitive or learnable as you initially thought it was. 



Plans for 500 sessions a day start at $99 per month and range up to 4,000 sessions a day, priced at $389 per month. Thank you, Hotjar; your pricing is as reliable and straightforward as your product. We salute your transparency. Now, where’s that strudel?

Mixpanel #

Dashboards have never looked so beautiful. Yes, we are crushing and not ashamed of it one bit. Mixpanel provides insightful, engaging, and enjoyable user behavior dashboards on your user onboarding experience. Answer just about any query you have and build out dashboards and workflows to get answers you can act on. 


Mixpanel offers one of the most generous free plans we’ve seen among B2B SaaS tools in a while. Its free plan includes up to 100k monthly tracked users. While its growth plan starts at as little as $17 per month, it’s not an enormous lift for what could be a game-changer in your onboarding strategy and insights. Plus, you can integrate Mixpanel with Chameleon and get the full picture of how your onboarding performs and how to improve it.

Amplitude #

Understand your users and improve their in-product experience. Amplitude will give you the user behavior data you need to increase lifetime value and product retention—when integrated with your onboarding tool. PayPal was able to 11x the number of product intelligence tests; they ran per quarter using Amplitude. Imagine what you can get done with this speed in your toolkit. 


Amplitude's free plan gives you access to 10 million actions per month and a limited set of analytics on those actions. If you like what you get and crave more, then they have Growth and Enterprise plans that offer behavioral reports, perspective analytics, advanced data governance, and much more. 

Segment #

Over 20,000 businesses are already using this customer data platform. Collect user analytics from any user onboarding app using simple analytics APIs.

You’ll be able to align teams on how users are onboarding to your platform while remaining conscious of their data privacy. 

In the end, you’ll get a single view of the customer and generate ideas as to how you can engage them better in the onboarding process.


Segment’s free plan gives you 1,000 visitors per month, two sources, and 300+ integrations (including Chameleon). Their team plan, at $120 per month, includes 10k visitors and unlimited sources. More, you say? Grab a demo with them and get a custom price plan for your needs. 

Maze #

Last (but not least) on our list of onboarding tools is from our friends at Maze. Maze focuses on rapid prototyping with authentic audiences. Why do you need them for your user onboarding? Before you launch that knowledge hub or engaging video tutorial, you can use various design tests like 5-second tests, card sorting, preference testings, and more to see if your theory is correct. 

Save time further down the line and identify product flows early—jumping ahead a few points on our user onboarding checklist. With Maze, you’ll be able to deliver user experiences that are a hit from day one—optimizing now, rather than later.


Maze has a free plan that you can explore, and their pricing plan sits at $42 per month, or team plans at $25 per seat per month when billed annually. If you need something bigger, then they’re all ears. 

User onboarding inspiration #

If you came here looking for inspiration on creating a killer user onboarding process, you’ve also come to the right place. We’re just the gift that keeps on giving.

Here are some of our favorite user onboardings out there. 

How The Motley Fool reduces churn with Tours #

The Motley Fool team needed to create an omnichannel onboarding experience for its members to increase activation and account setup rates. By launching a Chameleon-built Tour alongside email updates, they were able to decrease their churn rate by 9% over 45 days. The Tour greets members at the entrance and shows them around in a friction-free manner. Read the full success story here.

How Loom onboard their users with... Loom! #

Loom uses its own tool to help with onboarding and customer success. We’re fans of the video, and if you’ve got a customer success team that is comfortable in front of the camera, then this is a great way to onboard someone to your tool or help them when they’re having problems. Keep your video answers somewhat generic so you’re able to send someone a seemingly personal response to their issue—building relationships while enabling customer success. 

How Airtable gamify user onboarding #

It’s an oldie, but a goldie. We’re huge fans of the simplicity and fun factor behind the user onboarding tour from Airtable. It's bold and clean with a strong value prep. It asks users the right questions that will get them to value as quickly as possible. Once you've completed the short survey, you land in your custom-made workspace with Airtable templates ready for you to take for a whirl. A product tour like this makes the onboarding smooth and pushes engagement from step one.

Airtable onboarding image: tell us a bit about yourself

If these user onboarding experiences have got you craving more, then there are plenty more examples to indulge in our Inspiration Gallery 🤩

Wrapping it all up 

Hopefully, this user onboarding tools overview has topped any other you may have stumbled across and delivered tools you need, alongside inspiration you didn’t know you needed.

If you’ve now got all your tools ready, jump over to our guide to user onboarding and dive straight into the fun stuff. 

Happy researching, onboarding, and growing. Now, go treat yourself to that slice of cake—you deserve it. 

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