Chameleon's many use cases

Discover how to help, guide, and delight users throughout their journey


Better User Onboarding

Activate users more quickly with hyper-targeted onboarding flows tailored to their needs โ€“ and stay on brand while you do it

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Increase Feature Adoption

Make every feature release a successful one. Nudge users towards new, critical, or undiscovered features.

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Improve Trial Conversions

Turn valuable prospects into happy, long-term customers with personalized in-app communication

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Reduce Support Tickets

Offer low-touch support with in-app guidance that lets users quickly find the answers they need

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Notify for Downtime

Avoid leaving users in the dark about downtime and provide in-app guidance around usage issues

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Upsell and Cross-Sell

Boost the lifetime value of your customers by leading them to unlock even more benefits with your product

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Get Product Feedback

Gather contextual feedback inside your app and build an effective and actionable feedback loop

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Improve Content Engagement

Boost the value of your product marketing efforts and direct more users to useful resources

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Announce Brand Updates

Create personalized in-product announcements for brand and UI updates that will get users excited

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