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HelpBar Actions and better AI

๐ŸŽ Launch your integrations from HelpBar

You can now add any 'Additional Action' integration to HelpBar and allow users to launch prototypes, demos, scheduling modals, and more! Create a dynamic and more immersive user experience and serve all the resources that help users succeed from one single place.

Adding the HubSpot Action to HelpBar

๐Ÿ‘‰ Explore how to add your integrations to HelpBar.

โœจ Enable AI Answers on public searches

Plus, we also improved our AI Answers and you can now leverage them with public searches too. Enable users to get quick answers from your entire documentation in seconds.

Fastest way to enablement

Combine your entire help documentation with AI Answers in your HelpBar and enable users to find answers or get unlocked in a few clicks. They get to ask a question and see a summarised response, plus helpful articles on related topics.

Boost product adoption and
reduce churn

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