Target users with precision

Import and create custom audience segments from your favorite tool for deep targeting of in-app guidance.
Target users with precision

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Leverage properties, events, as well as Chameleon data to maximize Experience relevancy and engagement!

Build a powerful targeting engine

Deliver targeted, hyper-personalized experiences to every customer. Chameleon gives you the tools to create and deliver spot-on in-app messages.
  • 🎯 Target users with precision

    Import or create user segments from Heap or Mixpanel
  • 🚀 Power up user attribute data

    Send user properties and attribute data to and from Chameleon
  • 🧪 Experiment freely with A/B tests

    Leverage segmentation to test the effectiveness of Experiences
🎯 Target users with precision 🚀 Power up user attribute data 🧪 Experiment freely with A/B tests

Shoot in-app messages to score

Target custom user segments with in-app messaging and guidance that tells them exactly what they need to hear

Import user segments

Put all of that user data from Heap or Mixpanel to work and target specific cohorts based on account level, user behavior, and more

Leverage prospect data

Target prospects from Hubspot or Salesforce with in-app messaging that converts and give trial users an extra push

Throttle delivery of Experiences

Too much information can be overwhelming, control how often users are impacted by Experiences for optimum UX

Build a two-way street of user data

Leverage your user database to deliver guidance on every level of the user journey

Send data via integrations or API

It’s very easy to send data to and from Chameleon, and we make sure you have plenty of options

Track user interactions

We’ll help you understand whether users perform key actions after interacting with Chameleon

Update user and event data

Get deeper targeting by creating new cohorts based on how users interact with Chameleon

Chameleon has really helped us in combination with Segment to put the right offers in front of the right members at the right time. Before, we didn't have the capability to build, target, and deliver on-site messaging to complex member audiences quickly and easily.
Nate Wallingsford, Head of US Marketing Operations & Optimization
The Motley Fool

for growth or enterprise plans

Put user groups under a microscope

Use Chameleon's advanced segmentation to run A/B tests Experiment and iterate until perfect

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Test before you launch

Use pre-built audiences to build tests for team members and get a second pair of eyes before go-live

Create test groups

Soft-launch Experiences to a control group to test impact and engagement

Communicate effectively

Test and iterate multiple variations of in-product messages until they stick

What else can Chameleon do?


Element Selection

Use page elements as triggers and anchors

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A/B Testing

Experiment and iterate Experiences until perfect

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Achieve perfect brand cohesion with native styling

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Engage users at a whole new level

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