Chameleon vs Appcues

Chameleon works better for modern tech stacks

The all-in-one, self-serve solution that fits in with your existing tools

Thousands of product-led companies have chosen chameleon

Fits snugly into your site

We support your technology

Chameleon natively supports Single Page Applications (SPAs), all common front-end frameworks, iframes, and shadow DOMs.

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Compared to Appcues

Appcues doesn’t support shadow DOMs and requires code installation on every page for SPAs.

We considered other platforms but chose Chameleon due to the support for our tech stack. Support for shadow DOMs was a must for us.

Vlado Hruda, Staff Product Manager

Reliable on all devices

Responsive web design

Chameleon Experiences reposition as the browser width changes so you can target both mobile and web devices.

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Compared to Appcues

Appcues’ self-built tours and tooltips don’t fully support mobile views and wander off-page.

We moved to Chameleon because of the reliability issues with our previous provider.

Jay Filiatrault, Director of Customer Success, LANDR

Test and track success

Native A/B testing included

Randomly sample a group of your users with Chameleon and measure impact – an essential feature for data-driven product growth.

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Compared to Appcues

Appcues deprecated their A/B testing leaving users in the dark when it comes to performance.

We create Tours for specific audiences and A/B test copy and offers to see what solutions are the best fit for our members.

Nate Wallingsford, Head of US Marketing Operations & Optimization

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