Chameleon vs Appcues

Get more control, customization, and a better stack fit with Chameleon

Confidently launch smart in-app UX that drives product adoption. Publish with confidence, knowing that your in-app Experiences will look and trigger exactly as you planned
Chameleon vs Appcues: Get more UX patterns and a better stack fit with Chameleon

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Why high-growth teams look for an Appcues alternative

Teams that switch from Appcues to Chameleon tell us that Appcues' reliability is a dealbreaker for them. Not knowing if your in-app UX will show when you need it to is a massive problem.

Chameleon ensures precision with features like throttling, snoozing, and advanced element selection.

Beyond reliability, our users rave about Chameleon's intuitive UI, extensive integrations, versatile tech stack support, and our exceptional customer success team. Make the switch and ensure your UX is on point, every time 🎯

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See what's under the hood before you make the switch

"We considered other platforms but chose Chameleon due to the support for our tech stack. Support for shadow DOMs was a must for us."
Vlado Hruda, Staff Product Manager

Get deeper control over when and where your guidance shows

Launch in-app UX knowing that the right users will see it when you need them to. Chameleon offers the widest range of display options and triggers.

  • Throttle how frequently users see Experiences with Rate Limiting for a delightful UX patterns
  • Set up Alerts to be notified about unexpected Experience behavior (Slack/Email)
  • Schedule Experiences to go live on a certain day, and set them to unpublish automatically
Get deeper control over when and where your guidance shows

Built to thrive with your tech stack and tooling

Chameleon integrates seamlessly with your product's setup, and enables you to drive greater ROI from your existing stack.

  • Works with Shadow DOMs, Single Page Apps, iFrames, subdomains, and dynamic URLs
  • Identify elements to control how in-app UX displays via Element Rules, Anchoring, Triggers, and more
  • 35+ native integrations with product analytics, CRMs, and automation tools
Built to thrive with your tech stack and tooling
We've been really successful with Chameleon because it actually enables us to be more omnichannel and trigger further automation
Elyssa Stewart
Director of Product Management
Chili Piper

Built to delight your users, not frustrate them

You don't want your app to look like a flashing slot machine. Chameleon comes with smart features that deliver messages and guidance at the perfect moment.

  • Use smart triggers to launch your Experiences; wait for a pause in activity or a specific action
  • Bring your existing help content into your product with HelpBar, an in-app "spotlight search"
  • Users can snooze a message if it's not the right time to engage, and come back to it in hours, days, or weeks
Built to delight your users, not frustrate them

Your partners in success to go all-in on product adoption

Chameleon is easy to use, and offers expert coaching to help you save time and hit the goals you care about. We want to be there for you to win, not just when something goes wrong.

  • Submit an Experience to get design feedback or leverage your CSM to improve outcomes
  • Access to our content, including our help center, "Recipe" playbooks, benchmark stats, and more
  • Improve your UX writing with our native AI copy wizard; summarize complex ideas in a click
Your partners in success to go all-in on product adoption

Flexible pricing based on MTUs

Estimate your cost based on your product's monthly users

Startup plan price adjusted and charged automatically each month; overages in Growth and Enterprise plans billed via invoice

Uniquely identified profiles sent to Chameleon in prior 30 days.


Enable CMD+K search inside your product for free
  • CMD+K or other shortcut
  • Native fonts and styling
  • Help Center integrations
  • AI-answers to user questions
  • Beautiful search interface


Build custom, targeted in-app experiences
  • HelpBar with Targeting
  • Unlimited Tours & Tooltips
  • 5 Microsurveys
  • 1 Launcher
  • Custom CSS


Features for scaling and expert coaching
  • Startup plus:
  • All Experiences Unlimited
  • A/B Testing
  • Rate Limiting
  • Unlimited Goals tracking
  • Dedicated Customer Success


Manage multiple products, teams, languages
  • Growth plus:
  • Multi-Product Account
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Advanced Roles
  • Localization
  • Contract Redlining
"Easy to use, wide range of survey and tour types, more flexibility than the competitors I have used"
Cue a reliable way to drive product adoption

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  • Chat through your goals and get direction on how we can help
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