See how users interact with and respond to product tours

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Data Destination

Use FullStory as a data destination: send events and survey responses from Chameleon to FullStory. Search and view where users started / exited a Tour or what they did before and after answering a Survey.

About FullStory

Pixel-Perfect Session Replay

High-fidelity playback of your customer experience that you can search like the web.
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Use Cases

Learn exactly how users interact with product tours throughout their lifecycle

Better User Onboarding

Increase new user retention by helping users find “aha!” moments faster.

Increase Feature Adoption

Highlight new, critical or undiscovered features to drive
deeper engagement.

Reduce Support Tickets

Reduce waiting times with interactive guidance when users
need it most.

About Chameleon

Take users from 🤔 to 😍

Build interactive product guidance without engineering.
Interactive product guidance