Use Cases

Increase Feature Adoption

Make every feature release a successful one. Nudge users towards new, critical, or undiscovered features.
Increase Feature Adoption

Drive deeper engagement for new or underused features

Just released something exciting? Or want to drive attention to an underrated option? Help your users find key features for success and empower them with the resources to gain continuous value in your product.

  • Progressively introduce new features with interactive Tours
  • Offer additional guidance in Tooltips to drive users to value
  • Target the most receptive users for efficient feature adoption
Drive deeper engagement for new or underused features

Chameleon mastery

Harness users’ interest to learn more about your product with contextual triggers: 98% of Tooltips are triggered by hovering over on-page elements.

Help users to perform key actions

Use targeted in-app messages to align your product goals with your users' journey. From discovery to adoption, adapt your strategy to fit their specific needs.
  • Introduce and celebrate new features

    Users have a hard time adapting to change? Create product announcements to share the good news and multi-step Tours that relieve the friction and draw attention to crucial updates.
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  • Get user feedback when it matters most

    How do users feel about your new feature? It's easier to be honest when you're already engaged. Gather contextual feedback by asking users directly in your app.
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  • Make everlasting value obvious

    Do users miss out on features that will enhance the benefits? Showcase how they can use them and help them make a life-long connection with your product.
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Introduce and celebrate new features Get user feedback when it matters most Make everlasting value obvious

Features are better discovered when self-served

Harness your users' desire to learn at their own pace and allow them to find "aha!" moments through self-paced discovery.

  • Offer self-serve new feature guides in Launchers
  • Allow users to launch walkthrough Tours from emails
  • Give users a preview of new features or redesigns with a Figma modal
Features are better discovered when self-served
"We increased usage of a particular feature by 10% by implementing Chameleon where users most often drop off. The level of attention, support and detail Chameleon provides is really helpful."
Jason Rose, Product Manager

Feature Adoption Spotlight

Chameleon-built flows for new feature releases

Boost feature adoption for
every new release

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