Build the consistent look and feel

Design in-app Experiences with the adaptability of a chameleon and give your users the ultimate customizable experience to match your brand’s personality
Build the consistent look and feel

Get full control of in-app branding

Create eye-catching UI patterns with deep personalization
  • 🎨 Customize all components

    Achieve a native style with highly customizable Experiences
  • 🖼 Add engaging visuals

    Make your Experiences pop with images, videos, and more
  • 📄 Jumpstart any use case with Templates

    Pick from tens of configurations to create branded Experiences fast
🎨 Customize all components 🖼 Add engaging visuals 📄 Jumpstart any use case with Templates

Create stunning in-app patterns that feel native

Designers love our advanced styling tools, and non-designers love feeling like one. Chameleon’s point-and-click editor makes it easy to build like a pro.

Set colors, fonts, button styles

And so much more! Want to set the corner radius or adjust your spacing and padding? You got it!

Adjust your style in minutes

Make changes and pick what to update: from past or future flows to specific Templates or Tagged Tours

Match your brand guidelines

Make editing easy by adding custom CSS on the account level or as you build Experiences

Make your in-app messaging unskippable

Create in-product patterns that pop and engage users with GIFs, videos, and even a sprinkling of confetti

Add relevant images and videos

Why tell when you can show? Embed branded images and helpful videos to your Chameleon Experiences

Add custom icons as CTAs

Upload your own icons to use as triggers for Tours and Tooltips, or use our pre-built options

Delight users with animations

Celebrate success and moments of “aha!” and unleash the animated confetti

The fact that Chameleon allows us to add basically any media type was critical to success. We were able to improve the UX and drive more traffic to our community.
Josh Suess
Senior Director of Digital Service Strategy

Build fast, stay on brand

Deploy native Experiences in minutes, control style changes, and make impactful iterations

Easily review style updates

See a side-by-side comparison for Experience changes and choose which version to keep

Turn any use case into a flow

Get inspired by our Templates or quickly create your own for the whole team to use

Aligned with your product

Update your styling and push the latest version live when your product matches the new style

What else can Chameleon do?


A/B Testing

Test and iterate in-app messages until perfect

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Rate Limiting

Set the right pace for in-app guidance

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Get notified when users aren't engaged

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Craft in-app Experiences that never go out of style

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