Chameleon vs Intercom Product Tours

A Lot More is Possible

Chameleon is the Advanced Platform Focused on Native Product Tours

I would recommend Chameleon (the best user onboarding solution we found) to anyone that has web-based software and wants to help their users succeed.

Ed Mallory, VP Product & Growth

Stay on brand

Build Product Tours That Look and Feel 100% Native

Chameleon gives you full control over fonts, colors, and other styling, including CSS


Show Product Tours Based on User Actions

Chameleon leverages event and attribute data from your product and integrations


Trigger Product Tours Based on Page Content

Chameleon doesn't just rely on brittle URLs to show Tours; deep and easy control of element matching

Powerful Personalization

Let Users Choose Their Path with Custom Button Actions

Create Tours that branch based on input, to offer the most relevant onboarding for each user

Chameleon Integrates with Intercom

Keep Intercom for Messaging and Help Docs

Use Intercom Segments to target Chameleon Tours and automatically send data back to Intercom


More power under the hood

Code-free builder

Publish, edit, and test without engineering. Simple one-time installation.

Quick-start templates

Save branded tours to re-use or get started in one click with our pre-mades

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Multi-page tours

Tours stay persistent as users navigate your app

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Any button click inside your app can trigger the next step of a tour

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Scroll a user to the right spot on a page when a Step is below the fold.

Fine-tune positioning

Tweak tours to show up exactly where you expect. Responsive to width changes.

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Embeddable tours

Trigger Tours from emails, docs, chat and more. Works with dynamic URLs.

Rich insights

Track tour performance in Chameleon or send data automatically to your analytics platform.

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Trigger a sequence of tours and prompts over time, based on how users engage other Tours.

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Track which tours actually result in revenue, retention and adoption


Guide users through key setup tasks to success. A fully customizable widget.

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Works with iframes

Use Chameleon seamlessly across iframes. Works with all web frameworks.

Chameleon helped us increase conversions from our free demo by 36%

The customer success mindset of the Chameleon team was a real differentiator

In a short amount of time we've seen the number of trial users increase by 85%!

Move beyond the basics

Build sophisticated and high-converting product tours