The best Intercom alternative for product adoption

Intercom's Product Tours lack depth. Chameleon provides you the most control, configuration, and customization to make sophisticated user flows that convert users.
The best Intercom alternative for product adoption

Why pick Chameleon over Intercom?

Intercom's Product Tours can be a quick solution to creating user experiences. But as soon as you need a bit of personalization or complexity, Intercom runs into a wall. With Chameleon, you have access to a wide array of features and UI patterns that can create any user flows no matter how customized they need to be. That is how you win customers over.

Full customization for native looking styling

Chameleon offers experiences with fully customizable styles so they fit right alongside the rest of your product. Intercom's in-app experiences have limited styling and does not blend in with the rest of your product. Our comprehensive styling features include:

  • Colors: step background, text, overlay / shroud
  • Fonts: family, size, etc
  • Other: corner radius, shroud opacity, link color, etc
  • Custom CSS: for more precise styles (optional)
Full customization for native looking styling

The deepest product adoption solutions

Chameleon's experiences offer more UI patterns, and allow you to create targeted experiences that meet all of your needs. Intercom's onboarding tools are more linear and lack depth.

  • Banners
  • Checklist "Launchers"
  • Tooltips
  • Snooze / Dismiss options
  • CSAT, NPS, CET, and more
"The more we learn about the Chameleon's capabilities, the more use cases we think of and our usage grows exponentially."
Josh Suess, Senior Director of Digital Service Strategy
The deepest product adoption solutions

We support your technology

Chameleon natively supports Single Page Applications (SPAs), all common front-end frameworks, iframes, and shadow DOMs. Intercom doesn’t support shadow DOMs and requires code installation on every page for SPAs.

"We considered other platforms but chose Chameleon due to the support for our tech stack. Support for shadow DOMs was a must for us."
Vlado Hruda, Staff Product Manager
We support your technology

Native A/B testing included

Randomly sample a group of your users with Chameleon and measure impact – an essential feature for data-driven product growth. Intercom does not have split testing available for its in-product experiences.

"We create Tours for specific audiences and A/B test copy and offers to see what solutions are the best fit for our members."
Nate Wallingsford, Head of US Marketing Operations & Optimization
Native A/B testing included

We integrate with Intercom

Are you using Intercom's Product Tours because you use their communication tools? Well you're in luck. We integrate seamlessly with Intercom. Get the best of both worlds by letting Chameleon handle your onboarding needs.

We integrate with Intercom

Choose Chameleon over Intercom if...

You want full control

Intercom's offerings are limited with pre-set flows and styles. Chameleon's deep features allow for more flexibility.

You're a Single Page App

Single Page Applications (SPAs) work better with Chameleon's solutions than any other alternatives including Intercom.

You are growing fast

Intercom's Product Tours is limited in accommodating the needs of a fast growing team. Chameleon is ready.

You want reliability

The modern tech stack has an array of tools working in tandem. Chameleon integrates seamlessly with them.

You want real support

With design reviews, strategy sessions, fast tech support and more, we truly care about your product's growth.

You want deep value

Intercom does tours as an add-on. Whereas we focus on being the deepest product adoption platform available.

It's time to upgrade to new possibilities for product adoption

It's time to upgrade to new possibilities for product adoption

Free your product adoption flows with far more control & value than Intercom. Book a demo with our product experts to find out more about what Chameleon can do for you.