The WalkMe alternative for better product adoption

Frustrated with hitting a wall with WalkMe's limited features? It's time to switch to a modern product adoption platform with more possibilities.
The WalkMe alternative for better product adoption

Why pick Chameleon over WalkMe?

When it comes to creating user experiences for product adoption, WalkMe is lacking in many ways. From a more intuitive UI to contextual targeting and better on-page performance, Chameleon is the alternative that you've been looking for.

Simple and easy-to-use builder

Tired of how dated and complicated WalkMe feels like? Chameleon’s UI uses the latest web technology, and is much more straightforward and user-friendly. Anyone can easily build experiences with Chameleon!

  • Create experiences with speed on our no-code builder
  • Always stay on brand with fully customizable styling
  • Stay ahead of the curve with higher product velocity than WalkMe
"Setting up a Chameleon experience takes no time at all. The product has an easy-to-use interface, and almost anyone could use it."
Robert Severn, Product Manager
Simple and easy-to-use builder

Personalize every experience

WalkMe’s configuration is limited and does not allow for diverse UI patterns. Chameleon offers a wide range of customization and targeting options that allow you to uniquely engage each user.

  • Control where experiences appear with advanced triggering
  • Make different test and live Environments to manage experiences
  • Prevent spamming with Rate Limiting on Tours
  • Leverage user segmentation to target specific user groups
Personalize every experience
"Chameleon is much more contextual and flexible which I really appreciate—I think we can be more experimental with onboarding and I’ve been recommending PMs to use Chameleon as a way of testing and validating assumptions before building any functionality"
Lindsay White, Product Manager

Superior reliability & performance

WalkMe is more likely to slow down your page load and lags in supporting modern technology frameworks. Chameleon won't slow your app down and works seamless with your tech stack.

  • Supports all common front-end frameworks, iframes, shadow DOMs
  • Chameleon loads asynchronously. Say goodbye to slow load times.
  • Supports mobile frameworks like Cordova.
"We moved to Chameleon because of the reliability issues with our previous provider."
Jay Filiatrault, Director of Customer Success, LANDR
Superior reliability & performance

True support for your success

Feeling abandoned after the honeymoon phase? Chameleon's diligent and caring support helps you continuously succeed by not only quickly responding to all your issues, but also providing proactive assistance.

  • Coaching for swift technical implementation
  • Expert sessions and custom training
  • Request design feedback on your experiences
True support for your success
"I love having a relationship with the Chameleon team. Being able to discuss ideas with them and contribute to the roadmap is a huge benefit."
Vlado Hruda, Staff Product Manager

Choose Chameleon over WalkMe if…

You want full control

Chameleon’s features are deeper and broader than WalkMe’s offerings, with much more flexibility.

You're an SPA

WalkMe doesn’t work with Single Page Apps (SPA). Chameleon handles it no problem.

You want user growth

WalkMe was built for internal use. Chameleon is best at end-user experiences for product adoption.

You want reliability

WalkMe slows you down, but Chameleon won’t negatively affect your page performance at all.

You want experiments

Chameleon gives you native A/B testing, allowing you to experiment to your heart’s content.

You want the best-in-class

WalkMe is outdated, period. We focus on giving you the best-in-class tool for product adoption.

Upgrade to the best-in-class

Upgrade to the best-in-class

Book a demo with our product experts to find out more about how Chameleon can unleash your product’s full potential for growth.

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