Use Cases

Get Product Feedback

Gather contextual feedback inside your app and build an effective and actionable feedback loop
Get Product Feedback

Measure customer satisfaction inside your product

Learn how your users really feel about your product. Create various types of Microsurveys to measure user sentiment regarding new features, product UX and UI, or other in-app Experiences created with Chameleon.

  • Run fake door tests and validate ideas for new features
  • Trigger feedback surveys from other Chameleon Experiences
  • Target active users for higher completion rates
Measure customer satisfaction inside your product

Chameleon Mastery

The best-performing in-app survey is the two-button format, with one in three users responding to one. Allow users to share more: 59% of those who completed a survey, also left comments.

Listen to your users and create a better product experience

Gather feedback data, identify problematic areas and friction points, and turn insights into product improvements your users will love and appreciate.
  • Monitor data on the Chameleon Dashboard

    Chameleon collects both Microsurvey results and users' input. Review everything in your Dashboard and download reports for overall or specific survey performance.
  • Send data to your go-to analytics tools

    Connect Chameleon data to Mixpanel, Heap, or Amplitude to deeply understand user behavior. This way, you can coordinate your roadmap based on user inputs.
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  • Track responses in real-time

    Use our Slack integration to monitor Microsurvey feedback within a single channel and help your wider team know what users are saying.
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Monitor data on the Chameleon Dashboard Send data to your go-to analytics tools Track responses in real-time

Ask for feedback at the right time

It's not always about the question, but the timing and place. Engage your users with personalized Microsurveys when they are receptive to them. Create custom audiences to target and automatically update feedback loops.

  • Launch surveys based on attributes like plan type or previous reply
  • Trigger a Microsurvey after users interact with specific features
  • Tag users and update their properties as they engage with surveys
Ask for feedback at the right time
"Within just an hour, we can have a survey up that asks the community what they need. I think that's been the most useful part of Chameleon for us!"
Tori Funkhouser, VP Product

Learn how to gather valuable feedback during beta tests to help you iterate fast

Build products that delight users with actionable feedback

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