Contextual and targeted in-product surveys

Build continuous feedback into your product throughout the user lifecycle

Trusted by leading SaaS companies to drive growth

Easy to make and delightful to take

No-code in-app surveys that anyone on the team can build. Pick a template, make it your own, and watch your feedback rates triple.

"Within just an hour, we can have a survey up that asks the community what they need. I think that's been the most useful part of Chameleon for us!"
Tori Funkhouser, VP Product

Accurately target users with the right messages

Launch Microsurveys based upon user attributes such as plan type, role, or previous replies – then trigger next actions based on user sentiment.

"We couldn't ask users for their opinions in-app before – and that’s where we touch the most people"
Lindsay White, Product Manager

Fuel your feedback loop

No data silos here – use Chameleon's reporting Dashboard or send survey data directly to your stack with robust two-way integrations.

"Chameleon is a must-have tool for us – the ROI just makes sense!"
Vlado Hruda, Staff Product Manager

Ready to triple your user feedback?

Our team of Product Experts is on hand to share best practices and get you up and running with Chameleon – let's talk!


Deploy Native-Looking Surveys in Minutes

No coding

Build, launch and optimize without engineering

Built to blend in

Customize styling and questions to create surveys that feel native

Specific targeting

Show surveys based on page, persona, or behaviour

Data access

Track performance and download responses easily

Flexible triggers

Trigger surveys based on users taking actions

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Combine with Tours

Show Tours and Launchers depending on survey responses

Deploy better surveys faster

The best place to collect user feedback is in context