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Chameleon's Features

Chameleon's Patterns

Show full-width or embedded announcements

Share exciting news, upcoming events, or important notifications full-width or embedded on the page

Show up to 4 messages at a time, embedded in your app

Help users get started, explore your product and content, or leave feedback when ready

Create onboarding Checklists that drive activation

Learn how to welcome users with an interactive self-serve checklist

Embed native announcements anywhere in your UI

Embed a single message or multiple announcements to guide users without distracting them from their main goals

Empty States
Build Empty States that drive engagement

Learn to create an Empty State to educate users about upcoming or locked features

Explore the HelpBar's "Spotlight Search"

Add a customizable search bar inside your product that pulls content from your help center

Create Hotspots that drive feature discovery and usage

Learn to create a hotspot or a beacon using Announcement Tours (or Tooltips 😉)

Highlight features or changes to help users succeed

Learn to create a Lightbox that helps users discover valuable features

Create branded pop-ups to engage users

Learn to create a modal that drives feature discovery

NPS Microsurveys
Build NPS Microsurveys to understand users' sentiment

Learn to create in-app Microsurveys that make feedback collection a breeze

Product Tour
Build step-by-step walkthroughs

Guide users through their onboarding, teach users workflows and enhance feature understanding

Resource Centers
Create Resource Centers that deflect support tickets

Learn how to create a Resource Center using Chameleon Launchers

Create Slideouts that enrich users' flows

Learn how to create Slideouts that help users find value

Try our Microsurveys Interactive Demo
Get in-app feedback with Microsurveys

Customize how you engage with users based on their responses and triple your response rates!

Try our Tooltips Interactive Demo
Deliver non-intrusive value with Tooltips

Learn how to create a hotspot-triggered Tooltip that nudges users to take action and drives activation

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