Product Showcase

Dive into a "hands-on" exploration of Chameleon!

Explore some of our latest updates while elevating your adoption skills with tips and best practices
A/B Testing
Easily test different Tour Variants

Perform A/B Tests and leverage custom events as Goals to decide when the experiment is successful

Chameleon Dashboard and Builder
Your first steps in Chameleon

See what you'll get access to after you create an account—a quick overview of the Dashboard and Builder

Data Management
Leverage user data for better UX

Send user data to Chameleon via installation, API, integrations, or CSV upload for precise targeting

Explore the HelpBar's "Spotlight Search"

Add a customizable search bar inside your product that pulls content from your help center

How Customer Success teams win with Chameleon
Reduce support questions and equip users to succeed

A selection of features that unlock scaled support and more sophisticated enablement

How Product Marketers win with Chameleon
Drive engagement, conversion, and delight

A selection of features that unlock effortless engagement and better in-app promotion

Learn to build onboarding checklists

Boost your user onboarding success with these smart widgets that live in your app

Get in-app feedback with Microsurveys

Customize how you engage with users based on their responses and triple your response rates!

Rate Limiting
Restrict how many Experiences users see

Set limits to ensure you're not overwhelming users

Target users with precision

Leverage user data to create Segments and decide who gets to see your Experiences

Styling in Chameleon
Achieve a native style for all Experiences

Leverage your brand colors and fonts to establish a native look

Deliver non-intrusive value with Tooltips

Learn how to create a hotspot-triggered Tooltip that nudges users to take action and drives activation

Launch a welcome announcement modal

Create an on-brand and motivational product tour that shows users the way to success from day one

Drive growth with Chameleon

Book a demo to see how Chameleon will work for you

  • Identify product adoption opportunities to self-serve
  • Understand the best product features for your business
  • Decide which plan fits best with your stack and goals

Explore the Chameleon Dashboard and Builder

Boost product adoption and
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