Native A/B Testing for Tours

Iterate until perfect

Reveal where your Tours drive activation,
and test variations to continually improve
trial conversion, upsells, and adoption

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Control group testing

Send a Tour to just one portion of a segment to see how it affects engagement

Multivariate testing

Test variations of a Tour and discover which delivers better results

Data analysis

View test outcomes in Chameleon, or integrate with your analytics tool.

use case: driving upsells

The Motley Fool increased key feature activation by 20%

By A/B testing Tour placement, Step design and microcopy in their onboarding flow
Find out how
"We create Tours for specific audiences and A/B test copy and offers to see what solutions are the best fit for our members."
Nate Wallingsford, Head of US Marketing Operations & Optimization

The only native A/B tests for Tours

Testing is just the start

Chameleon's suite of in-product Experiences help you create meaningful user engagement
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