A/B Testing

Experiment freely, iterate with confidence

Drive continuous improvement of in-app messages and define the ideal user experience with precise A/B testing
Experiment freely, iterate with confidence

Test and iterate at lightning speed

Create variations of in-app flows until you find what users engage with the most - you won't know until you test it all
  • πŸͺ£ Rinse and repeat until perfect

    Test which Tours convert, engage, or are completed by users
  • πŸš€ Turn results into action

    Experiment to find and eliminate points of user drop-off
  • πŸ”¬ Create your own experimentation lab

    Manage test groups, variables, and configurations in a single place
πŸͺ£ Rinse and repeat until perfect πŸš€ Turn results into action πŸ”¬ Create your own experimentation lab

Build an experimentation machine

Test and iterate until you find the right in-app message that drives user success

Set up control group tests

Send experiences to one part of a segment and watch the impact on engagement

Test and perfect variations

Nail the ideal copy, design, and timing of in-app messages to sweet-talk your users

Set up tests at user drop-off points

Test out different interactions where users usually lose interest and win them back

Find out what makes users stay

Leverage test results to create the perfect UX and UI flows that users won’t ignore

Integrate test results

Use Mixpanel, Amplitude, or Heap to take experiments and results to the next level

Leverage your data and iterate

Act on hard data, not just assumptions! Test results will help you continuously improve your user experience

Test where upsells would work

Find opportunities to offer upgrades and inspire cross-sell to drive higher conversion rates

We create Tours for specific audiences and A/B test copy and offers to see what solutions are the best fit for our members.
Nate Wallingsford
Head of US Marketing Operations & Optimization
The Motley Fool

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A/B Testing

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A/B Testing


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