Freshpaint + Chameleon

Use Freshpaint and Chameleon to easily send data between all your tooling
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Data Source

Freshpaint sends user data (properties and events) to Chameleon to target specific users with highly personalized experiences.

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Data Destination

Chameleon sends data to Freshpaint to host all product data in one place, and send data to other tools connected to Freshpaint.

About Freshpaint

Freshpaint is a customer data platform connecting clicks on your website to your marketing and analytics tools, without engineering support. Think: no-code event tracking.

Implementation is done automatically through a one-line JS snippet, works retroactively, and is entirely HIPAA compliant.
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Use Cases

Create targeted, personalized, effective and coordinated product tours for any user journey


Better User Onboarding

Increase new user retention by helping users find “aha!” moments faster.

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Increase Feature Adoption

Highlight new, critical or undiscovered features to drive
deeper engagement.

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Reduce Support Tickets

Reduce waiting times with interactive guidance when users
need it most.

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About Chameleon

Take users from 🤔 to 😍

Build interactive product guidance without engineering.