We make it easier for your users to discover value.

Remember that feeling when you suddenly get it? The penny drops, there is a rush of adrenaline and opportunities explode inside your head. That’s the feeling we want to elicit for each user of your product.

The Team

We’re working together to create something amazing; a new way for product people to control the software experience. And we love every aspect of this.


We started working on Chameleon after being frustrated with sifting through docs and watching videos to learn how to use products.

Pulkit Agrawal

Pulkit Agrawal

Co-founder & CEO

Pulkit previously worked in data modeling and analysis in London, helped unemployed youth start businesses in rural India, and read Engineering at University of Cambridge. He follows Liverpool FC regularly and enjoys meditating and (experimental) cooking.

Brian Norton

Brian Norton

Co-founder & CTO

Brian previously built user onboarding at Involver (later acquired by Oracle) and worked at Salesforce after studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He’s a skilled woodworker, avid backpacker (escaping cell coverage) and passionate about cooking amazing food.

Our Values

Our values help define who we are, how we make decisions, and what we become.

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Respect and Invest In Each Other

We nourish our collective talent and energy to be the best. We seek to reflect honestly, give feedback, challenge assumptions, trust decisions and communicate effectively.

Adapt to the Circumstances

Chameleons blend in and our product tours seamlessly blend into your product experience. As a company we adapt to our surroundings, knowing when to wait and when to move.

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Empower You to Succeed

We seek to enable the creativity and energy of our customers and partners. We want to free you to create better user experiences and do it quickly, without blockages or delays.

Work Hard, Be Happy

We care about your development and wellness:

  • Improve user experience across the web
  • Shape our culture, direction & impact
  • Opportunity + encouragement to grow
  • Top equity, salary, insurance & equipment
  • Work from anywhere, with no set hours
  • Unlimited vacation & regular retreats

We are hiring!

We are building an amazing team, and if you have enthusiasm, hustle, hunger, and smarts, we need you!

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