Use Templates for different themes or types of Experiences

Beautiful branded styles without involving designers

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One-click creation

Make tooltips, tours, and pro tips in seconds

Design consistency

Reuse styles to build a consistent brand

Build without designers

Anyone can use and customize templates


Why our customers love designing with Chameleon

With Chameleon, I can construct, customize, and publish a tour in less than 10 minutes! Even after a tour goes live, I can quickly edit the steps to best cater to what users are responding to.

Setting up a Chameleon experience takes no time at all. The product has an easy-to-use interface, and almost anyone could use it.

We love the variety of choices available in Chameleon. The flexibility of styles and ability to select exactly the right element on the page make it really powerful.

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Perfect for welcoming users or announcing big features

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Makes alerts and notifications a breeze!

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Feature gate

Limit premium features to drive upsells

Trigger hotspot

Add a subtle highlight to a button or element

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Reduce distractions when directing users

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Video message

Share a webinar or convey your personality to users

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Branching tour

Let users choose their own adventure

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Make users feel great with a confetti burst

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Bite-sized help to boost adoption

Out-of-the-box product guidance

Quickly create modals, tooltips, and more, that match your app