Rate Limiting

Avoid overwhelming users while they

Control how frequently users see Experiences for non-disruptive and delightful UX patterns
Avoid overwhelming users while they're in your product

User experience at full throttle

Speed is key to in-product guidance, and your users don't want to be spammed with in-app messages
  • 🚫 Blockage free guidance

    Time in-product Experiences for a snag-free user journey
  • ⏳ Iterate with control

    Create as many Experiences as you want without overwhelming users
  • ⚖️ Scale with mastery

    Drive on the steering wheel of product-led growth
🚫 Blockage free guidance ⏳ Iterate with control ⚖️ Scale with mastery

Guide users one step at a time

Set the right pace for Experiences to appear and ensure a distraction-free, delightful user experience

Control the frequency

Define how many in-app messages users see in a day so they're not overwhelmed by too much information

Throttle by audience segment

Set how often a cohort is impacted by in-app messages to avoid information overload

Use events as triggers

Any event that you sync to Chameleon can be used to trigger the recurrence of a Tour or Microsurvey


For teams of scale

Manage and scale in-product Experiences with no risk of backfire. Rate Limiting is built for product-led teams who put users first

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Nobody wants a huge manual to learn the whole system -- people just want to learn how to do one thing right now before they move on to the next thing.
Reid Givens, Growth Manager

What else can Chameleon do?

Rate Limiting


Get notified when users aren't engaged

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Rate Limiting


Engage the right user at the right time

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Rate Limiting

Element Selection

Use page elements as triggers and anchors

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Never curb user enthusiasm

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