Highly customizable in-product widgets

Use as checklists or help menus to deepen user engagement and feature discovery.

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Expert Advice

Use Launchers to deliver value and support

"Launchers were a pleasant surprise! We didn't have these in our old tool and we never used anything like it to help users understand the value of different functionalities during their onboarding experience. We'll continue to experiment with Launchers and hope to see them help with nudging users to take specific actions."
Andrew Morse, Product Manager

Onboarding Checklists

Increase Activation

Motivate and guide users to complete key setup or activation tasks

Build a Checklist

Feature Releases Log

Improve Adoption

Connect the dots between product update announcements and feature usage

Create Your Release Log

Self-Serve Help Menus

Reduce tickets

Provide searchable interactive guidance for key workflows, pro tips or common questions

Enable Self-Serve Learning

Included Features

Full Control and Deep Customization

No coding

Build, design, launch and iterate without any engineering

Widget styles

Use an icon from our gallery or upload your own

Element triggers

Open Launcher directly from a native element click


Show progress as Tours are completed


Let users search all Tours to quickly find what they need


Show Launchers based on who users are or what they did

Drive product and feature adoption

Deploy self-serve help and onboarding without code