How Vitally streamlined feature adoption and enabled self-serve customer support

User-friendly announcements and boosted visibility for help resources helped Vitally unlock in-app engagement
How Vitally streamlined feature adoption and enabled self-serve customer support

🤔 Challenge: How can Product Marketers drive feature awareness and product adoption without disrupting their users’ experience?

💡 Solution: By creating contextual in-app Tours, Banners, and Microsurveys and enabling self-serve learning.

🏆 Results: Vitally achieved an average 55% Tour completion rate, collected actionable feedback post-onboarding, and increased visibility for help center resources.

Vitally empowers businesses to monitor and analyze customer engagement, retention, and health metrics so they can optimize their growth and success. By working with Customer Success teams to connect data and everyday work, Vitally enhances visibility, productivity, and collaboration. 

Why did Vitally turn to Chameleon?

Vitally was looking to speed up how they informed customers on product enhancements, and reduce incoming support tickets. They wanted to improve discovery and adoption in their application without relying on finite engineering resources. When Vitally decided to launch a completely new platform experience, they knew they needed a no-code solution to help users discover these changes. And most importantly, one that their busy designers and engineers would love and would not have to own. 

We didn't have clear ways to communicate to our customers when a new feature launched. We had monthly release notes going up, we published a blog post, and at times the CSMs talked to their customers. But we weren't communicating with our customers in-app at all.

Rachel Sheldon, Product Marketing Manager

The Product Marketing team at Vitally knew that a delightful user experience was key to successfully drive feature awareness and engagement. They chose Chameleon because of the deep customization of in-app patterns, reliable control of dynamic elements, and ease of integration with their stack. 

Here's how Vitally found their go-to “recipe” to drive in-app feature awareness and engagement through experimentation. And, successfully enabled a self-serve motion to reduce the strain on their support team.

Here’s how Vitally experimented with Chameleon patterns to get 55% of customers opting into self-serve learning

Since Vitally had not engaged users in-app before, they wanted to see how they responded to different patterns. Rachel Sheldon, a Product Marketing Manager at Vitally, used her Customer Education background to help the team identify users’ preferences. 

Vitally explored the different Chameleon patterns to see which type drives more feature engagement, what’s the best way to enable self-serve learning, and how to improve their onboarding experience. They built Tooltips, multi-step Tours, Embedded Banners, Modals, and Microsurveys. The Vitally team also implemented Chameleon’s dedicated in-app search pattern: HelpBar.

Build your own patterns

Explore our interactive demos and learn how to build welcome Modals, Tooltips, Microsurveys, and more.

We've tried almost everything. And we found through trial and error that we can get a pretty reliable completion rate if we do certain things, like have a Smart delay, have it be contextual, and pay attention to the user experience.

Rachel Sheldon, Product Marketing Manager

Vitally experimented with "Timed delays" vs. "Smart delays" and Hotspots vs. Slide-outs to improve their Tour completion rates. They found that users preferred less intrusive education and they started to understand what patterns and configurations work best with each type of announcement. 

💡 Chameleon Tip: The “Smart delay” waits for users to pause activity and shows the announcement when they’re not engaged in something else. Hotspots can be positioned anywhere on the page and show the message only when users click or hover the icon.

 Let’s dive into how in-app enablement happens at Vitally today. 

Close collaboration + contextual in-apps = high engagement and happy users

The Product Marketing team at Vitally communicates closely with the Product team to know when new features need education and promotion. When a new need arises, they decide what the in-app should be and pick a type that fits the message. They use a combination of Modals and Banners to drive new feature awareness. Depending on the importance of the news and how the update affects existing users, they’ll pick a different on-page position and a “Trigger”.

For example, in the case of a feature enhancement, they use a Hotspot to subtly signal it to users. If it’s a major update, they use a centered Modal but ensure users will see it only when they finish their tasks. If it’s a more complex feature update, they create a Slide-out and add a feature video to help users learn faster in context. If it’s a smaller enhancement, they embed a Banner on the page to allow users to digest when interested. And so on.

The Product Marketing team then reports back to the Product team to confirm dates around deployment, and once complete, the results and outcomes from the in-app experience. 

It's nice to be able to embed things contextually in different parts of the product. We've been experimenting more with that and seeing a lot of good results and good feedback from that.

Rachel Sheldon, Product Marketing Manager

👇 Explore an interactive demo and learn to build an Embeddable Banner. 

Even with their most exciting announcements, they made sure users can focus on their goals, by using a “Dismiss” option that allows users to snooze the in-app announcement for a few days without worrying about missing out. 

Because they leverage many dynamic elements to determine where patterns should appear or when to display them to users, Vitally uses Chameleon’s element selector to set custom data attributes so they can determine where patterns should appear for users and when. This unique approach with Chameleon allows them to keep their in-app experiences up-to-date even when their selectors change or their product gets updated. 

The Vitally Product Marketing team uses other key Chameleon features like Rate Limiting, to avoid overwhelming users when they need to create a new pattern so their users can stay focused on achieving their goals in the Vitally dashboard. 

👇 Learn how to use Rate Limiting to create a delightful user experience.

Vitally is leveraging their stack with Chameleon’s “additional Actions” to deliver engaging updates - launching Navattic interactive demos, and Typeforms from Tour buttons. This allows them to share a sneak peek into upcoming updates and allows users to learn more or share feedback. With Chameleon, Vitally’s users can do all of this in the Vitally dashboard, without leaving the application.

Aside from streamlining product announcements, Vitally also implemented a seamless self-serve motion that helps users discover their product at their own pace.

Using HelpBar to turn any self-serve user into a power user

Vitally added their knowledge base to HelpBar, which allows users to access their help center content in a powerful search interface. Chameleon’s HelpBar lets them import help documentation, best practices, interactive courses from their “Academy”, and updates on the latest feature enhancements.  

Vitally’s users can open HelpBar and explore help docs, “Academy” videos, or get support from anywhere in the Vitally dashboard through a simple keyboard shortcut. Chameleon’s AI answers questions on the spot, helping users learn more about their product without switching tabs, contexts, or reaching out to the Vitally support team.  

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of users who went to the HelpBar versus our help center, which is kind of hidden under a couple of layers of navigation.

Rachel Sheldon, Product Marketing Manager

HelpBar shines at enabling users to access their preferred content, including educational resources, and navigate to recently visited pages, helping new users get accustomed to new interfaces more easily. 

Microsurveys - key to improving the onboarding experience

In collaboration with the Customer Success team, the Product Marketing team at Vitally realized they could use a Microsurvey to collect feedback and optimize their onboarding. The Microsurvey appears after users finish their implementation period and asks them how they felt about their onboarding experience. The results get sent to the Vitally Customer Success teammates so they can prioritize improvements. 

The survey has an 18% response rate and we’ve gotten some really good insights from that. Prior to adding this, we didn't have a defined process for collecting feedback from users post onboarding.

Rachel Sheldon, Product Marketing Manager

With Chameleon’s Microsurveys, it’s easy for the whole team to have visibility over users’ needs. By sending users’ responses to Slack the Vitally team can understand challenges, prioritize needs, and optimize users’ experience in record time. 

👇 Explore an interactive demo of building a multi-button Microsurvey for collecting in-app feedback.   

Using product goals to assess what works best 

To measure the success of their announcements, Vitally uses the analytics in the Chameleon Dashboard to see which users complete Tours and then compares the data with who takes action in their product. This helps them understand whether users find value, or just exit them. 

Although Tour completion is a good first indicator, the Vitally team knows they need to connect product goals to each Tour to understand the impact.  Vitally sets these product events as “Goals” to compare with Tour completion rates. By using Chameleon’s Segment integration to sync custom events for each new release, they can then track how Chameleon drives users' engagement with their features. 

It's good that we’re able to close the loop there and know, ‘Okay they saw this experience in the product and they did go on to use the feature we were talking about.

Rachel Sheldon, Product Marketing Manager

💡 Chameleon Tip: No matter how basic or complex your tracking habits, we suggest you integrate in-app performance data into your analytics reviews for a more holistic understanding of your product adoption efforts. You can start by using the “Engagement Index” and analytics that Chameleon provides to know when to optimize in-app experiences and close the loop of how many users perform the actions in your product after. 

What’s next for Vitally? 

Now that the Vitally Product Marketing team is successfully driving awareness of their new features, streamlining in-app communication, and offering better support to self-serve customers, they are ready to move faster and further with Chameleon. They set their next targets around improving existing feature adoption as well as continuing to drive awareness of product enhancements. 

Since we started using Chameleon, we've increased our focus on both feature awareness and product enablement in general. It's been a huge game changer for us, just for boosting more awareness and setting in place processes for how we communicate with our customers in-app. Knowing what that means for other modes of communication, or how it changes our product launches.

Rachel Sheldon, Product Marketing Manager

With Chameleon, Vitally found a flexible and intuitive platform that allowed them to create contextual in-app experiences tailored to their users' needs. Vitally’s Product Marketing team now has a strong understanding of what makes a good user experience in their product and how to engage users to achieve their goals - helping them reduce the number of users reaching out to their support, and increase the number who are diving into new features.

👇 Explore an interactive demo of the Chameleon features that help Product Marketers succeed. 

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