Use Cases

Reduce Support Tickets

Offer low-touch support with in-app guidance that lets users quickly find the answers they need
Reduce Support Tickets

Create self-serve help menus

Do the same questions keep bobbling up like soda pop? Most ticket issues are repetitive and easy to solve. A self-serve Launcher will reduce the strain on your support team and help users find answers as questions arise.

  • Help users find the right answers faster
  • Reduce the number of support tickets
  • Allow users to escalate high priotity issues
Create self-serve help menus

Chameleon Mastery

Use Launchers to guide users through changes or updates and automate enablement tasks in your app. Users’ engagement with self-serve resources is up 1100%.

Offer effective in-app guidance

Help users on the spot and don't keep them waiting when they need your help. Allow them to find answers and solve issues as they come up.
  • Deliver interactive and contextual support

    Provide useful resources that provide everything your users need for self-guidance, from product Tours and FAQs to search bars and useful links.
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  • Configure your Launcher with deep control

    Control every aspect of your Launcher to turn it into a guiding beacon in your product. Decide the right location, audience, content, and much more.
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  • Allow users to start a conversation with you

    Configure items in your help menu to launch further actions, such as the Intercom messenger with a pre-set message to help users reach out when they need to.
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Deliver interactive and contextual support Configure your Launcher with deep control Allow users to start a conversation with you

Tailor support to user needs

Create audience segments to enable specific self-serve experiences based on your users' needs. Link help content, guiding Tours, or custom scripts to leverage user actions.

  • Display Launchers only when certain elements are present on page
  • Decide which domains and subdomains your Launcher will show in
  • Allow users to launch Tours from your support articles
Tailor support to user needs
"In 2021, we’ve deflected almost 20,000 cases by using Chameleon for in-app messaging. Along with the enhanced user experience that Chameleon messages have provided, we're very happy with the results."
Josh Suess, Senior Director of Digital Service Strategy

Ticket deflection spotlight

A Chameleon-built flow that delights

Reduce support tickets and provide instant help

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