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PayPal NPS & CES Survey

Prompted when a user reads the PayPal help documentation

What this user experience is

A modal that asks the user if they would take a survey when a user reads PayPalโ€™s help documentation + a feedback survey.

Experience Type

Modal + Survey

What it's trying to achieve

It is trying to inform users of a recent update that moved Segment to a new location.

Why is it a good user experience?


The modal is branded with the logo, and the colors as well as the fonts align with the rest of the website.


The survey is completely optional and it.


The copy is brief, but informative. It also tells the user how long the survey will take.


The copy keeps things concise and gets to the point quickly.

How to build this experience with Chameleon

Here's how you can replicate the modal part of the experience with the Chameleon Builder using the Tour feature.

  • Create an Announcement Tour
  • Add a Step and configure it in the Builder
  • Set its position
  • Decide how it will be triggered
How to build this experience with Chameleon

Create an on-brand modal like Paypal

Build a completely on-brand modal with Chameleon's intuitive customization

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