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Hotjar Feedback Collection Widget

Widget to launch a feedback modal with emoji ratings and email collection

Hotjar feedback collection widget

What this user experience is

It is a self-serve widget that loads a modal for collecting user feedback.

Experience Type

Self-serve feedback widget

What it's trying to achieve

It gives the user an easy and accessible way to give feedback wherever they are in the product.

Why is it a good user experience?


The feedback widget is not intrusive and it is very easy to follow. It does not force the user into loading the survey.


The style of the widget as well as the copy’s font and style are very much on-brand.


With the copy on the widget, the user can instantly understand what it is.

How to build this experience with Chameleon

You can recreate this experience with a combination of Chameleon's Launcher and Microsurvey tools.

  • Create a Launcher
  • Style and position the Launcher
  • Create a Microsurvey
  • Style and position the Microsurvey
  • Connect the Launcher to the Microsurvey
How to build this experience with Chameleon

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