Use Cases

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Boost the lifetime value of your customers by leading them to unlock even more benefits with your product
Upsell and Cross-Sell

Generate more revenue with existing customers

Announce special promotions in product with branded modals that drive customers to instant moments of value. Create upsell and cross-sell opportunities that meaningfully engage users and celebrate your partnership.

  • Allow users to decide when to engage, with various dismiss options
  • Target users who are most likely to benefit from an upgrade
  • Ensure everything is 100% on-brand with fully customizable styling
Generate more revenue with existing customers

Chameleon Mastery

Allow users to choose, and you won’t lose. When given the option, one in five users who hit snooze on a Tour will get back to completing it.

Never miss a valuable opportunity

Be by their side every step of the way, and your customers will grow with your product. Present opportunities when they're bound to make an impact and connect to your customer's needs along the way.
  • Make new users fall in love with your product

    Create a personalized onboarding experience that gives insight into the wonders they can achieve with your product. Help them see how they can benefit more.
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  • Lead customers to advanced functionalities

    Remind users of the value they’re missing out on, motivate add-ons and upgrades as they progress, and prompt them to grab a higher plan at the right time for them.
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  • Keep exciting features in plain sight

    Use Launchers to give a sneak peek into premium features or upcoming releases. Offer resources that let users discover more possibilities when they feel intrigued.
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Make new users fall in love with your product Lead customers to advanced functionalities Keep exciting features in plain sight

Personalize every aspect of flows

Keep a complete 360-view of your customers and control every aspect of user flows for maximum effect. Encourage users to upgrade as they achieve success with your product.

  • Allow users to connect with you easily for more information
  • Integrate best-in-class analytics tools to uncover behavioral insights
  • Leverage native A/B testing to experiment with copy and user flows
Personalize every aspect of flows
"The thing I love about Chameleon is it offers us a lot more dynamic options on how we can communicate with our members. It helps us unlock value for our members by introducing them to new products they may not even know about, but we think are well-suited for them—and that’s awesome."
Nate Wallingsford, Head of US Marketing Operations & Optimization

Use Chameleon, Mixpanel, and HubSpot to drive revenue with personalized upsell nudges

Leverage in-app experiences to get more upsell and cross-sell

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