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Self-serve is on the rise: how does your product stack up?

The latest Chameleon Benchmark Report is here! With data from 300 million in-product Experiences, we bring you the insights you need to scale your self-serve product.

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The Product Tours & Experiences Benchmark Report

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What did we analyze?

The Data

  • 300 million end-user interactions
  • 58 million Tours from the last 12 months
  • 55 million Tooltips that were clicked in 2021
  • 3.5 million Microsurveys that were started this year
  • 395 thousand Launchers interacted with in 2021

The Chameleon Users

  • Product Managers
  • Heads of Product
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Heads of Design

“The number of negative emails, tweets, and support messages has dwindled and instead, we’ve seen a great increase in messages from happy customers since using Chameleon”

Users love Tours – create them with love

User engagement with Tours jumped 33% in 2021. Users of today expect a self-service experience, and the Benchmark Report reveals how to ensure UX is delightful.

Why did engagement jump so much? Here are a few reasons:

  • The Power of 3
    Tours with 3 steps are most popular with end-users, with a 72% completion rate - only 16% of tours with 7 steps are completed.
  • Clear & Concise
    Snappy copy is more likely to keep the user’s attention – most tour steps are shorter than a Tweet.
  • Imagery
    A picture speaks a thousand words: 80% of Tours contain a cover image.

In-product feedback is more popular than ever

The 2022 Benchmark Report shows that the sophisticated use of Microsurveys is essential for increased customer engagement, and that users love to be heard.

  • When given the chance, users will bend over backwards to give you feedback: the average Microsurvey on Chameleon has a completion rate of around 60%.
  • And they love software that asks for their input: 50% of Chameleon end-users rate our customers’ products 10/10.
  • Even when they aren't so enamoured, their insights are gold: 28% of Detractors on NPS run using Chameleon will leave a comment.

Tooltips are here to stay

Tooltips have been around for a while – but our Benchmark Report shows that they're more popular than ever: in July 2021 there were 273,487% more tooltips viewed compared to the same month in 2020!

And the 45% of Chameleon customers that use Tooltips use them extensively, with an average of 18 Tooltips per account.

The Benchmark Report shows how Chameleon customers use Tooltips to guide users as they navigate your app, validate and test product ideas, and other best practices.

Tooltips are here to stay

Self-serve took off in 2021 with Launchers

A Launcher is a hugely versatile widget that can be used to access information, guides, and integrations.

But after analyzing the 395,000 opened Launchers, our Benchmark Report reveals that they're most often used to enable your users to take charge of their own product education, and on their own terms: the most common use cases this year were for "help" and "onboarding".

And Launchers are a highly effective educational tool, as 1 in 3 users who interact with a Launcher start a tour.

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