Use Cases

Notify for Downtime

Avoid leaving users in the dark about downtime and provide in-app guidance around usage issues
Notify for Downtime

Prepare users for interruptions

Give a heads-up before users feel frustration. Provide advanced warning, support, and solutions during turbulent downtime with in-product messaging.

  • Clarify what's going and what's expected duration
  • Leverage for planned and unplanned dowtime
  • Direct users to social channels for rupdates
Prepare users for interruptions

Chameleon Mastery

Tailor your announcements to address the impact for specific users. Show them to those affected, at the right time, with enough insight to alleviate possible worries.

Don't let customers feel neglected

Announce how downtime can impact your users' particular use of the product, and make sure they know you're there to support their experience.
  • Schedule a banner to make sure every user knows

    Draw users' attention to the upcoming downtime with banners that show up based on activity. Allow users to prepare and get answers to any specific questions.
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  • Give insights into specific disruptions

    Let users know what's wrong by adding announcements that assure them of your diligence and set relieving expectations around resolutions.
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  • Lead users to support with the HelpBar

    Provide easy access to support articles related to what's causing downtime. Allow users to go beyond and trigger a helpful Tour to guide them through.
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Schedule a banner to make sure every user knows Give insights into specific disruptions Lead users to support with the HelpBar

Focus on the benefits

Your users will appreciate a well-maintained product, so let them know what you're working on. Issues create possibilities to nurture and better support your customers.

  • Offset frustration highlighting expected benefits
  • Ensure your support center is ready to help users
  • Share which specific departments they can reach
Focus on the benefits
"In 2021, we’ve deflected almost 20,000 cases by using Chameleon for in-app messaging. Along with the enhanced user experience that Chameleon messages have provided, we're very happy with the results."
Josh Suess, Senior Director of Digital Service Strategy

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