Use Cases

Improve Content Engagement

Boost the value of your product marketing efforts and direct more users to useful resources
Improve Content Engagement

Guide users to helpful content

Offer structured self-serve guidance to let users learn at their own pace. Share the most valuable, relevant content with your users in-product, and see your engagement rates go up.

  • Drive webinar registrations with in-app announcements
  • Direct users towards newly published educational content
  • Offer valuable resources when users need them most
Guide users to helpful content

Chameleon Mastery

Want to make your messages more engaging? Tours with videos enjoy a 46% completion rate, compared to 30% for Tours that don't have one.

Make your content easily accessible

Need to generate more buzz around your new article? Trying to get more traction for your webinars? Want to see more downloads of your latest eBook? Increase your content visibility with a range of in-product notifications.
  • Adjust content to user needs

    Link to relevant content within your product walkthroughs and feature-specific guides. Then, analyze user interactions to know where to focus your efforts next.
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  • Make it easy to find the right answers

    Quickly offer relevant content pieces that match what your users are searching for. With a "Spotlight Search" experience, HelpBar brings your knowledge base to users when they need it most.
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  • Make your resources always available

    Cover the fundamentals for new users, call active users to learn about undiscovered features, or add links to advanced courses for power users. All from customizable in-app help menus.
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Adjust content to user needs Make it easy to find the right answers Make your resources always available

Engage users with timely offers

Don’t just push your content to your users. Make your prompts timely and contextual by showing the right resources to the right users, at the right time.

  • Be more precise in targeting with advanced audience segmentation
  • Analyze user interactions with powerful, best-in-class integrations
  • Evaluate user engagement and iterate to raise your numbers
Engage users with timely offers
"We used to invite customers to join our webinars via email, and we’d get around 90 to 130 signups. From the moment we started showing in-app invitations built with Chameleon, the number of registrants tripled."
Josh Suess, Senior Director of Digital Service Strategy

Get more users to attend your webinars with 1-click signups powered by our Livestorm integration

Content Engagement Spotlight

Chameleon-built content promotions that delight

Offer helpful content in a timely manner

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