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Enjoy deeper personalization, better triggers, and faster launch cycles with Chameleon, the deepest product adoption platform.
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Why high-growth teams look for a Userpilot alternative

In short: users outgrow Userpilot. It's great for dipping your toe in the product adoption waters with basic Tours and Checklists (with startup friendly pricing). But once you need more complexity in your patterns and targeting, you'll be left high and dry – and wanting more.

On top of the UX pattern limitations, teams switch from Userpilot to get more integrations, smarter UX triggering, better reliability, and a more comprehensive customer success offering.

Good news, Chameleon helps you with all of the above 😉

"Chameleon helps our clients get up and running quickly! It was very easy to set up - I was previously using Userpilot, and Chameleon beats it in ease of use and informative reporting. One of the best SaaS products I have ever used."
Michael Ip, CEO at Switchboard

Create in-app UX patterns that feel native to your app

Don't let a basic flow builder block you from building. Chameleon gives you completely customizable banners, surveys, modals, checklists, and more!

  • Start with a preset template, or make your own stunning designs that can be reused
  • Chameleon pulls your brand colors and fonts upon signup, so you can plug-and-play
  • Use optional CSS to fine-tune your UX patterns and get even more creative
Create in-app UX patterns that feel native to your app

Built to delight your users, not frustrate them

You don't want your app to look like a flashing slot machine. Chameleon comes with smart features that deliver messages and guidance at the perfect moment.

  • Use smart triggers to launch your Experiences; wait for a pause in activity or a specific action
  • Bring your existing help content into your product with HelpBar, an in-app "spotlight search"
  • Users can snooze a message if it's not the right time to engage, and come back to it in hours, days, or weeks
Built to delight your users, not frustrate them
"It’s not just the Product team using Chameleon, but Customer Success, Support, Marketing, and other departments also leverage this tool. So it's become a unifying experience for us."
Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

Connect your stack seamlessly for advanced segmentation – and more

Chameleon unlocks the capabilities of your Product, Data, Sales and Marketing tech stack inside your app to take your user experiences to the next level

  • Two-way integrations with product analytics tools; Heap, Mixpanel, Amplitude
  • "Extensions" enable you to launch embedded next steps e.g. book a call through Chili Piper
  • Get data to and from your CRM or data warehouse for precise targeting
Connect your stack seamlessly for advanced segmentation – and more

Your partners in success to go all-in on product adoption

Chameleon is easy to use, and offers expert coaching to help you save time and hit the goals you care about. We want to be there for you to win, not just when something goes wrong.

  • Submit an Experience to get design feedback or leverage your CSM to improve outcomes
  • Access to our content, including our help center, "Recipe" playbooks, benchmark stats, and more
  • Improve your UX writing with our native AI copy wizard; summarize complex ideas in a click
Your partners in success to go all-in on product adoption
Pilot a better in-app user experience

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  • Understand how Chameleon will fit with your current tech stack
  • Chat through your goals and get direction on how we can help
  • Learn the tips and tricks to hit the ground running
"Easy to use, wide range of survey and tour types, more flexibility than the competitors I have used"
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