Coordinate lifecycle emails and campaigns with Chameleon product tours

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Data Source

Use as a data source: send webhooks (events and properties) from to Chameleon to use for targeting Tours (based on what users did or who they are) and personalizing content.

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Data Destination

Use as a data destination: leverage Chameleon data (e.g. users completing Tours, seeing a Step etc.) as conditions to send automated email, SMS, push notifications etc. from


Lifecycle Emails and Campaigns

Trigger more engagement with relevant messages based on what customers are doing in your product.
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Use Cases

Automate campaigns using emails and product tours throughout the user lifecycle

Better User Onboarding

Increase new user retention by helping users find “aha!” moments faster.

Increase Feature Adoption

Highlight new, critical or undiscovered features to drive
deeper engagement.

Reduce Support Tickets

Reduce waiting times with interactive guidance when users
need it most.

About Chameleon

Take users from 🤔 to 😍

Build interactive product guidance without engineering.
Interactive product guidance