Chili Piper + Chameleon

Enable your customers to connect with your team when they need to, by booking a meeting from within your product.

How Chameleon Integrates With Chili Piper

Launch the Chili Piper meeting scheduler to appear in-app, when a user has (or hasn't) taken specific actions in the product. Provide your users with easy access to support from your team, at the time they need it.

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About Chili Piper

Inbound Lead Conversion and Scheduling App

Chili PiperΒ is a meeting lifecycle automation platform that helps revenue teams to increase their conversion rates.

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Use Cases

Empower your users to get the answers they need,
and use your product with success


Reduce Support Tickets

Offer low-touch support with in-app guidance that lets users quickly find the answers they need

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Better User Onboarding

Activate users more quickly with hyper-targeted onboarding flows tailored to their needs – and stay on brand while you do it

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Increase Feature Adoption

Make every feature release a successful one. Nudge users towards new, critical, or undiscovered features.

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About Chameleon

Take users from πŸ€” to 😍

Build interactive product guidance without engineering.