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How Revenue Analytics improved their user training and scored a 92% in user satisfaction

Through Chameleon, Revenue Analytics not only created better in-app communication, but also collected amazing user feedback
How Revenue Analytics improved their user training and scored a 92% in user satisfaction

🤔 Challenge: How can a revenue management software company better scale customer support and education while collecting user feedback?

💡 Solution: Product Tours that could deliver self-guided training for users and Microsurveys for measuring user satisfaction.

🏆 Outcome: Revenue Analytics was able to implement a self-serve training tool and measure a 92% satisfaction score from all users.

Founded in 2005, Revenue Analytics is an Atlanta based company that offers a platform for revenue management and pricing analytics, allowing customers to set the most effective pricing strategies and automate revenue management processes for more efficiency and time-saving. 

Over the years, Revenue Analytics has proven itself to be a vital part of revenue management across multiple industries, with their clients typically experiencing a 3-7% revenue uplift through their product. A staggering 94 billion forecasts are updated every night by their software.

A need for better user training

Revenue Analytics’ main pain point was in customer success as at the time, they were spending a lot of energy on training users. Instead, Revenue analytics wanted to find a better way to scale their customer success efforts, and let the team focus on bigger value-added tasks. 

We pride ourselves on being a 'partner' and not a 'vendor' and providing great service and support to our customers, so [we] needed to find a way to let our customer success team focus on higher-value add tasks and let technology/automation (via a tool like Chameleon) streamline some of the basics of customer support and education.

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

Self-guided product training 

One big challenge for their customer success team was training new users on their product. In order to address this, Revenue Analytics decided to create product walkthroughs as their solution. This would fulfill two goals: 

  1. Reduce the amount of time the team spends on training users 

  2. Help users get more out of live training sessions by preparing via self-serve training opportunities. 

Collecting user feedback 

Revenue Analytics' second pain point was collecting feedback from users. Due to their work with large enterprises, the Revenue Analytics team was often in close communication with executives and leaders, getting high level feedback from them in regards to their product. 

However, they needed more direct interaction with the core day-to-day users of their product in order to get more detailed feedback regarding the product’s functionalities. This way they could clearly understand where users were getting blocked and changes had to be made. 

We wanted a solution that would help us to collect better feedback across all users in an automated way.

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

Chameleon shines above the rest 

Out of all the solutions Revenue Analytics, Chameleon stood out to the team, particularly because of the following factors: 

Ease of Set up 

The first and foremost thing was how easy it was to set up Chameleon on their product. Thanks to this, the Revenue Analytics team was able to get going quickly with building onboarding and getting value out of the tool.

Segment Integration

Alongside implementing better onboarding experiences and user training, Revenue Analytics also wanted to improve how they tracked user activity in the product. So Chameleon’s Segment integration really stood out to them. It meant that they could set up customer attributes and event tracking just once in Segment, and have it easily flow into Chameleon and other tools.

Pricing that grows with success

Another aspect of Chameleon they loved was the pricing. The startup tier was positioned well compared to what Chameleon’s competitors were providing. There was a lot of value immediately at a low price point, and it could be adjusted flexibly upward. 

This was important, because to Revenue Analytics, a tool like Chameleon was something that had to be tried out for a while in order to fully understand the impact of its value. 

Sure enough, as soon as Revenue Analytics found out just how significantly beneficial Chameleon could be, they were able to easily ramp up their plan.

Once we were using it for a few months and confirmed the value, it was an easy decision to upgrade our plan to unlock more features for our team.

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

A Great Personality 

As Revenue Analytics was looking for a tool to grow with, starting with fairly basic use cases, but bringing in more sophistication over time, it was important to them that the platform that they partner with would resonate with them beyond just the professional level.

That was where Chameleon’s “personality” compared to other competitors really shined to the Revenue Analytics team. 

I got the sense that Chameleon would be scrappier and more likely to grow and improve the product more quickly than others.

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

Beyond simply being able to trust Chameleon’s product as a reliable solution, what Revenue Analytics found attractive was how Chameleon communicated with them, how they were proactive in offering solutions and help. 

I felt like Chameleon had more upside over time than the others, so that felt like a great fit for where we were as a company.

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

Creating efficient in-app user experiences 

To fulfill their original goal of better scaling new customer onboarding Revenue Analytics added onboarding flows with Chameleon, such as a checklist for getting started, which has really helped their customers and prospects. 

We are often competing with more "legacy tech" solutions and showing how we can provide targeted, in-app training and guidance demonstrates that we are truly an innovative SaaS product and has helped us win deals.

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

In-app communication was also a big part of Revenue Analytics implementing Chameleon. They found that when launching new features or changes to the product, they discovered that most people don’t read their emails. So instead, having the release notes and walkthroughs within the product helped eliminate customer questions and confusion. 

Here's an example of a tooltip they made.

Revenue Analytics also got a lot of value out of Chameleon’s Microsurveys for gathering product feedback. 

Based on some advice from Pulkit, we enabled an emoji survey (3 options - sad face, happy face, star-eyes) for all users a few weeks after they completed onboarding. We have gotten great feedback via this survey and have used it to proactively get ahead of customer concerns.

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

Whenever they received a ‘sad face’ or a negative answer, they had their customer success team reach out to understand the issues and help users out, allowing them to deploy customer success resources efficiently. 

Listening to users better

Out of all the results they gained, the most significant one came via a serendipitous accident. 

Earlier this summer we accidentally enabled this survey for all users (not just newly onboarded ones) which turned out to be a good mistake as we were able to collect a lot of feedback and measure a 92% satisfaction score across all users!

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

The senior leadership team and the board loved how the team were able to measure this 92% satisfaction statistic, and it has been a great piece to include in press releases and other marketing materials. 

In another example, Revenue Analytics ran a proof-of-concept for a very large enterprise prospect and they were able to quantify the success of the proof-of-concept via an in-app Microsurvey. With a 90%+ positive feedback, it was easier to show success and move onto the next stage of the implementation.

Improving the quality of their user data

With the Segment integration, Chameleon was able to also provide meaningful improvements on their user data. 

Chameleon provides us another dimension on which to track user engagement.

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

Revenue Analytics incorporated Chameleon events data (piped via Segment) into their internal customer scorecards to help them understand where users are getting value from their product and where users may need more help. 

This engagement data has proven quite useful. Executives from their enterprise customers have asked for Chameleon’s engagement data to be included in user activity resorts so that they can monitor adoption of Revenue Analytics better. 

Growing together with more use cases

Chameleon has now become an essential part of the team’s core toolkit, particularly due to how Chameleon could fulfill complex use cases while staying easy-to-use. It is without question that Revenue Analytics will continue to gain increasing value from Chameleon’s ever growing suite of features and solutions, just like their 'Useful Resources' widget made from Launchers.

The ability to customize and target Chameleon tours, launchers and tooltips is really helpful in providing some "custom" functionality to some of our larger enterprise customers without a lot of developer work.

Gabrielle Shklovsky, Director of Product

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