Q3 Release Roundup: Elevating Product Adoption and Making Users Happy

Discover some of our most exciting product releases from the past three months

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Q3 Release Roundup: Elevating Product Adoption and Making Users Happy

Welcome to Chameleon's Q3 highlight reel, where innovation meets user delight. We're excited to share some of our most impactful releases that help drive adoption with certainty and are designed to empower product teams and support users like never before.

Innovating for better adoption and improving existing efforts #

We believe in equipping everyone to drive product adoption easily. These new products and features are designed to supercharge your product adoption:

1. Native A/B Testing for Tours #

Say “goodbye” to guesswork regarding what drives your product goals and “hello” to data-driven decision-making. Chameleon's Native A/B Testing for Announcement and Banner Tours allows you to experiment with multiple variations, optimizing for peak user engagement.

Banner A/B Test

👉 Explore an interactive demo of A/B Testing in Chameleon.

2. Smart Delay & Custom Triggers #

When it comes to in-app communication, we all aim for pleasant nudges instead of annoying interruptions. Now, you have unprecedented control over your experiences’ timing. 

Keep users on the path to success and engage them only when they’re not actively using your app, rather than interrupting them mid-workstream. Or, create a Custom Trigger to show Tours based on users’ specific actions in your app. These controls ensure users stay happy and actively reach their goals, and you get to engage them while they’re open to learning more without annoying them.

Smart Delay & Custom Trigger

3. Embeddable Banners #

Grab attention without being intrusive and drive engagement with contextual announcements. Embeddable Banners shine through many use cases, ranging from possible service disruptions to catchy time-based promotions. As they fit natively in your UI, you can count on them to keep users informed without disrupting their workflow.

Downtime Banner

4. Powerful New Integrations #

Building on our extensive library of integrations, we launched highly requested integrations with Arcade, Navattic, Google Drive, and GitBook. Now, the functionality of these apps is available as “Additional Actions" that users can launch from buttons directly inside your product. Show interactive demos, share QBR sheets, or infuse your knowledge base directly into your product.

Arcade, Navattic, Google Drive, GitBook

We wanted to highlight two improvements that accelerate your flows in the Dashboard and provide you and your end-users with a better experience in Chameleon.

  • Interaction maps – easily understand what actions users take based on their clicks. Review all interactions on each Experience, links users follow, and where they end up with each action. Stay tuned for enhanced branching in Chameleon! 

  • Localization enhancements - you can leverage different media files when showing different versions of your Experiences, for specific languages. Compelling visuals and a clear message drive engagement 😉

    👉 Read more about all the latest updates

Today, you can create dynamic user experiences that encourage further exploration and drive success with your product. We continue to build on different ways for you to better understand and meet users’ expectations with Chameleon. Stay tuned for better ways to meet the user expectations of tomorrow!

Chameleon: Your Partner in Product Adoption #

Chameleon is an advanced, specialized product adoption solution that’s easy to use, ensures confident control, and sits comfortably in your stack. Compared to all-in-one solutions, Chameleon’s focus purely on in-app experiences unlocks deeper functionality and faster innovation, making it the platform of choice for modern product teams that prioritize great user experiences. 

This Q3 roundup highlights our dedication to empowering anyone with tools that go beyond functionality—they create memorable user journeys and help you become an expert in the process.

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