16 Product Management Blogs To Start Your Day Right

We’ve collected the most agile product management blogs out there and curated them into one mega-guide for you. Grab a coffee and get reading.

Ray Slater Berry
12 min read
16 Product Management Blogs To Start Your Day Right

Product Management is an ever-changing world. One day you’ll know it all, the next—not so much. And, that’s okay. As product people, it’s in our DNA to stay ahead of the game, to keep learning, improving, optimizing, and growing. 

Right here, right now, we’re putting together a product leader’s perfect morning routine—just for you 👏

We’ve collected 16 of the most agile product management blogs out there and rolled them into one. Some are from the product motherland: San Francisco; others are from product people roaming the planet, ideating, creating, and soul searching. All of them are fantastic, regardless. 

The idea behind all of this?

  1. Bookmark this page

  2. Pour yourself a cup of something hot each morning 

  3. Scroll through this article and pick a blog that speaks to you and the projects you currently have on your plate 

  4. Take thirty minutes at the start of every day to self-educate

  5. Go rock your product

It’s worth noting the product management blogs we’ve picked are all current, regularly posting new content.

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Our favorite product management blogs #

Done with the intro before and got your hot cup of Joe in hand? Let’s get into it. 🏁

The Amplitude Blog #

The Amplitude blog is the birth child of, you guessed it, Amplitude—the product analytics tool. The product management blog comes in four sections:

Best Practices: Your go-to for every how-to you’ll ever need. From customer value chains to conversion analytics. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of product marketing, this is your first stop. 

Perspectives: A wealth of guest blogs authored by other product leaders. Amplitude manages to feature others regularly, and there are usually a few interesting points of view in this section. 

Inspiration: We forgive the Amplitude plugs in this section. Inspiration features a wealth of brands and Amplitude customers to inspire your product journey: Peloton, Shopify, and Adobe, to name a few.

 Inside Amplitude: If the first three sections inspired you enough to learn more about the Amplitude product, you’ll end up here. We don’t have a referral code, but if you’ve now discovered a tool that you love—you’re welcome.  

Product Talk #

Authored by product discovery coach Teresa Torres who has worked with the likes of CarMax, Snagajob, Spotify, and Tesco. Torres’ product management blog angles toward product leaders, UX advocates, and startup founders building game-changing digital products. 

One of the best product management blogs out there, Product Talk hosts a wealth of interesting content. It offers courses, workshops, coaching, interviews, and extra reading you can buy on Amazon.

In all, Torres’ content is actionable and easy to digest—and we all know how important that is when snacking, ahem... reading.

OpenView Partners #

OpenView Partners, we salute you. This product development blog is packed full of fantastic insights on SaaS product benchmarks, product-led growth, product & pricing, and more. When we say packed, there are over 800 pages listing various articles to level-up your product knowledge. 

Our personal favorite, you ask? Well, since you twisted our arm… The weekly walks with Casey Renner are fantastic snippets of content you can dive into regularly. Each week Renner goes on (virtual) walks with various tech leaders around the world. 

Plus, if you’re feeling like giving your eyes a break in the morning, there’s a podcast featuring some of the industry’s best—thanks, Blake Bartlett.  

Must watch: #WeeklyWalk with Xiaoyin Qu, Co-founder and CEO of Run The World

Industry #

Thirty thousand product people can’t be wrong, right? 

Industry prides itself on being the top newsletter for product people—that’s us! They’re constantly sharing product resources and product interviews. They also host a product conference and offer access to a budding slack community of product people. 

They currently host 552, some outsourced, some not, product tips, and have some pretty nifty eBooks on product manager tactics. Be our guest—or theirs, in this case.

Must read: Product Retrospectives

Department of Product #

The Department of Product defines itself as a “global educational institution” for product managers, their teams, and tech professionals. They offer training programs and bespoke services to those looking for it, but the blog is what we’re here to discuss today. 

The product manager blog is not for newbies. It’s in-depth, specialized, and can be pretty dense at times. However, if you’re looking for specifics, this is your place to be. The blogs are of great quality, accompanied by visuals that support examples, and written by experts. It’s like going to product school, but for free. 

More? More, you say? Well, if the above isn’t enough for you, DoP also offers a selection of free resources: product launch roadmaps, product strategy, product models, and product guides.

Mind the Product #

Witty, insightful, and charming. No, this isn’t a dating profile for product people, well—there’s a product in itself. But, Mind the Product is all of the above, and more. There’s a wealth of videos, podcasts, book reccos, and blogs. 

For all of the content they offer, there’s a catch—you’ll encounter a lot of gated content with this blog. Unless you’re willing to pay the membership fee, you’ll find yourself limited to what you can learn. Don’t stop there, though. If you’re looking to bring some life to your Twitter timeline, the @MindtheProduct Twitter account is a must-follow. 

Roman Pichler #

Roman Pichler has published three product management books so far. In his product blog, he shares over 15 years of teaching product management and making important product decisions. You can go down the paid route of booking on to one of Roman’s classes or buying his books, or you can explore a heap of free topics in his blog. 

Roman covers product management leadership, product vision & strategy, user experience, and more. His articles are easy to read and often come accompanied with audio—whatever takes your fancy. If you’re looking to understand a topic in great detail, Roman is your guy.

Product Coalition #

Product Coalition is a Medium-based product blog with over 1million annual readers, and for a good reason. It features as one of the best product management blogs going—valuing insightful content, healthy debate, community, and respect. 

It’s a blog led by values now results in over 180 contributors. It shares everything from tips for product managers to advice from directors, CEOs, and product business co-founders. 

Their wealth of writers and dedicated editors leads to some fantastic #thoughtspo pieces that are guaranteed to get your product development juices flowing. They also share guides on certain topics, basic how-tos, and listicles. 

If you’ve got the time and are looking for some interesting reads, Product Coalition is the TikTok of product blogs. It’s everything you like on a neverending reel.

Product Manager HQ #

Relatively new to the product world and hoping to level-up fast? Product Manager HQ covers the basics. This product manager blog shares everything you need to learn while on the job and be the best product manager you can be.

This blog aims to help you understand and land that product role of your dreams. It shares insights on salaries, in-demand product manager skills, and job descriptions. This blog has advice on how to create a CV that gets attention. It also shares tips on how to prepare for a product manager interview. 

If you don’t have a product mentor to guide you or know someone looking to break into the industry, this blog is a great springboard. That being said, if you want to get your product-led business out there, you can always sponsor a newsletter. It gets sent to 30k+ subscribers and has a 33-35% open-rate—not bad at all.  

The Product Guy #

Believe it or not, the product world has veterans. Jeremy Horn is one of them. With over two decades in the product world, Horn now hosts one of the largest product meetups in the world as well as the annual Best Product Person award—ahem, look no further. 

The Product Guy blog is more a vlog as, on most occasions, Horn features industry experts via video, diving into topics. The vlog tends to focus on the HR area of the product world and project management. It’s like taking your pick of online lectures, but bitesize. If you’re looking to make important product decisions, then this is for you.


The "Hardest Product Lesson Learned" video is a must watch

Product School #

Ready to go back to school? Good news, you don’t need to. You just need this product management blog, a cup of strong coffee, and time. The Product School offers various certifications on product, but their blog is certainly not to be overlooked. 

Learn from product pros in their free resources section with the likes of PMs from Google, Amazon, Facebook, and more. Whether you dive into an #AskMeAnything session or read some of the advice articles from Product School’s very own writers, you’re bound to walk away with a fresh perspective on the product world. 

See? Going back to school isn’t so bad. 

Must read: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome in the Product World

Remains of the Day #

Eugene Wei should sound familiar to you for two reasons: 

  1. You’re an avid product fan and follow some of the most influential people in the business. 

  2. You’re an avid Chameleon fan and read our blog post on product leaders

We prefer to think of you as the latter, but we’re not opposed to option one either. Disclosure: Eugene Wei’s blog is not all product. There’s a pinch of technology, pop culture, and sports, thrown in for extra flavor. One thing we can say is that it’s all written from a product person’s mindset, and the writing is fab. 

The pieces that Wei writes on the product world are insightful, backed up with data, and packed with an opinion that will leave you smiling and nodding. If you’re looking for some light reading but want to stay relevant, then Wei is your man.   

Must read: Invisible asymptotes

The Aha! Blog #

Product roadmapping software used by the likes of LinkedIn, Siemens, Dell, and Hootsuite. The Aha! Team is in the perfect position to share knowledge about product strategy and product roadmapping

“Roadmaps make strategy work. You can define both the "what" and "when" of your plans.”

— Aha! Blog

They’re turning out some quality content recently, and we’ve got our eye on a new series they’re calling: “Hey Product Manager.” Penned by Co-founder and CEO Brian de Haaff, we’re intrigued to see where this blog goes in the future.

Must read: Use Case vs. User Story

Folding Burritos #

Perhaps folding burritos inspired our snacking throughout this read; perhaps it didn’t—we’ll never know. One thing we do know, however, is that author and product management consultant Daniel Zacarias has got some great resources and articles going on Folding Burritos. 

If you’re looking to get into the PM world, then Zacarias’ blog is a great starting point. Although it’s been a while since he’s last posted, we’re keeping the faith that he will continue to fold burritos in the near future. Hop to it, Daniel—we’ve had a taste and need more picante

Hunter Walk #

99% Humble, 1% brag. Hunter’s words—not ours. Previously worked at Youtube for consumer product management, Walk’s blog is that perfect easy-read. It’s not too dense and discusses a mix of pop culture, modern product development, and early-stage startup life. 

Walk’s not trying to woo you with an incredible interface and an in-depth map of his previous articles. But, what he lacks in the fancy design, he makes up for with GIFs and quality writing. 

Must read: Never become the person your Twitter followers want you to be

Product Management Meets Pop Culture #

Perhaps one of the best product management blogs on the market. Here’s why. There’s nothing quite like it. How Christopher Cummings manages to link Optimus Prime, He-Man, or Santa to product management is beyond us, but our hats are officially off and eaten in awe.

Must read: The Rebirth of Optimus Prime in Transformers Shows How Product Managers Can Scale Themselves

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Wrapping it up

Surprise, you didn’t need to go to Silicon Valley to spoil yourself with product strategy tips, tricks, and treats. Product people are everywhere. We write blogs, we hide under rocks, we fall over things, we track, Slack, and snack—just like everyone else. 

Hopefully, you’ve found this product blog of product blogs insightful. We hope it’s been a positive user experience for you—we’ll analyze dwell time, bounce rate, and the comments section to be sure. 

Lastly, we hope that—to some extent—we’ve created a happier morning for you; and that many more mornings to come are filled with hot beverages, moments of calm, and some cracking product reads. 

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