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Make your Experiences empathetic—not intrusive—with timed Dismiss

Your users' time and attention is precious. They are constantly inundated with notifications, popups, surveys, and more. That's why we've added timed Dismiss to Microsurveys and refined this functionality for Tours.

Here's how it works:

This Dismiss option gives your users time to engage with your Experiences on their own terms. The timer will stop if your users engage with your Experience, in any way, such as by clicking on it or typing in an input field.

👉 Discover more about how to use a timed Dismiss in your Experiences.

🐛 We made sure your primary and secondary buttons are always styled correctly, that your Steps are not duplicated when changing their position, and that the URLs you add, stay in your Additional Actions. 

Dismiss best practices

In general, it's always best to include some kind of dismiss option. And in Chameleon, you have three to choose from: Exit, Snooze, and timed Dismiss.

Do you want your users to come back to this message or should they be able to exit altogether? Understand each option to configure the best pattern for every Experience.

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