Use Cases

Announce Brand Updates

Create personalized in-product announcements for brand and UI updates that will get users excited

Engage users to embrace your product's new look

Change can get users on edge. Set their expectations and gain buy-in on brand and interface updates with well-crafted announcements and in-app guidance.

  • Use visuals to create excitement
  • Provide value-first guidance around updates
  • Gather feedback to evaluate the impact of changes
Engage users to embrace your product's new look

Chameleon Mastery

You can add any media type to Chameleon Tours to make a bigger impact with brand change announcements. Try using cover photo in a modal, 80% of our customers use this feature.

Announce updates in minutes

A lot of work goes into rebranding. Chameleon lets you quickly redesign your existing in-app messages without overworking your team. You can then focus on keeping your users in the loop.
  • Ensure visual cohesion with account-wide styling

    Adjust your brand colors in minutes so all announcements will fit your new style. Ensure design and messaging consistency by using custom-made templates.
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  • Use your voice to get users hyped

    Show your excitement about the upcoming changes with authentic copy and sneak-peek visuals. Motivate users to share the good news in other conversations.
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  • Reassure users with additional resources

    Don't let any doubt or anxiety creep up about established workflows. Add useful resources to address possible concerns about how to adapt to the changes.
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Ensure visual cohesion with account-wide styling Use your voice to get users hyped Reassure users with additional resources

Stay connected through updates

Show your users you're continuously connected to their needs and reach out when they can immediately reap the benefits.

  • Use Alerts to know when your messages aren't seen by users
  • Use GIFs to showcase the benefits at a glance
  • Use Rate Limiting to ensure users are not overwhelmed
Stay connected through updates

We were able to feel more confident with the change management and not have any delays with customer adoption because of the Tours we had live.

Lindsay White, Product Manager

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