User Onboarding Checklists

Cut churn during first-time use by highlighting setup tasks

Cut churn during first-time use by highlighting setup tasks
User Onboarding Checklists

Why Chameleon Checklists?

Boost product activation overnight

Checklists motivate users to reach their "Aha!" moment

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Psychologically Proven

Studies prove users avoid leaving tasks unfinished

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Show the Right Path

Guide users to key retention milestones, step-by-step

Simplify Complex Flows

Get a new user through setup by breaking tasks into easy chunks

Full UX control

Launch product guidance in-app

Don't let your users get lost and drop off. Highlight the UI to drive action in context, with Tours and Tooltips

Expert Advice

User onboarding checklists double conversions

"Checklists are one of my little "hacks" to double conversion rates. To put it simply, if you want to increase your activation rate, start using checklists."
Wes Bush, Author of Product-Led Growth

Use cases

Help, guide and convert users throughout their journey


Better User Onboarding

Activate users more quickly with hyper-targeted onboarding flows tailored to their needs – and stay on brand while you do it

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Increase Feature Adoption

Make every feature release a successful one. Nudge users towards new, critical, or undiscovered features.

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Upsell and Cross-Sell

Boost the lifetime value of your customers by leading them to unlock even more benefits with your product

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Deploy user onboarding checklists, code-free

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