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How to collect feedback during product or feature betas

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How to collect feedback during product or feature betas
  • Why is user feedback important?
    User feedback is important because it helps businesses understand how their product or service is being used, and what can be done to improve it. By listening to user feedback, businesses can create better products that meet the needs of their customers, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and revenue.
  • How can I collect user feedback?
    There are a variety of ways to collect user feedback, including surveys, focus groups, customer support interactions, and user testing. Online tools such as Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, and Typeform can be used to create and distribute surveys, while product adoption platforms like Chameleon can used to create in-app feedback loops to provide in-depth insights into how users interact with a product.
  • Why are in-app surveys the most effective?
    In-app surveys have higher completion rates than externally distributed surveys because they are contextual and don't require leaving your product. Our data shows that one in six users who see a Chameleon in-app survey will respond to it, and more than half will leave comments if given the opportunity.
  • How often should I collect user feedback?
    The frequency of collecting user feedback depends on the product or service being offered. It's important to collect feedback regularly to ensure that the product or service is meeting the needs of users. A good rule of thumb is to collect feedback at least once a quarter, but more frequent feedback may be necessary for products or services that are updated frequently.
  • What should I do with user feedback?
    Once you have collected user feedback, it's important to analyze it and identify key themes and trends. From there, you can prioritize the most important issues and create a plan of action to address them. It's also important to communicate with users about how their feedback is being used to improve the product or service.

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