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Zoom Churn Deflection Modal

Dynamic modal leveraging usage data to emphasize what is lost when the subcription is cancelled. Triggered when a user tries to downgrade their plan from the billing page.

What this user experience is

A modal that pops up when the user tries to cancel the subscription.

Experience type


What itโ€™s trying to achieve

Itโ€™s trying to convince the user to not cancel their subscription by reminding them of the value they got from the product.

Why is it a good user experience?


It reminds the user of the value that they have gained from the product, which could clear up any doubts that the user had in regards to whether the product was valuable to them or not.


The modal is simple to follow and all the CTA options are clearly shown without any potential for confusion.


The user is able to easily continue down the subscription cancellation if they want to.

How to build this experience with Chameleon

You can create this modal with Chameleon's Tour using the announcement modal.

  • Create an Announcement Tour.
  • Set the Tour to show up on a relevant page.
  • Use relevant media such as images or videos.
  • Position your announcement.
  • Set a trigger.
How to build this experience with Chameleon

Build your own churn deflection flow

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