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Segment New Feature Tour

A stepped-out Tour from Segment that introduces new features. Uses a Lightbox to highlight the features and clear CTAs to direct users to valuable actions.

A modal in Segment's interface announcing new beta features

Why is it a good user experience?

πŸ‘ Announcing the Beta after giving an insight into the benefits of the new features and enabling users to try out or learn more.


Sharing exciting news in an easy-to-digest format with a shroud to mark its importance. Users can easily access and understand the new features and get directed toward relevant CTAs.


Announcing new features but allowing users to skip or dismiss if not interested; although shrouded, users don't feel blocked.


It’s clear to users what this is about, and they can see how much they have to invest to complete the Tour; it's also easy to move through and review the information.

Want to replicate this?

Here's how to build with Chameleon

Use Tours: Walkthrough to guide users step-by-step, and Announcement to share the good news

Learn more about Tours
Lightbox & Pointer

Attract attention to key new features while providing more insight

Progress bar

Meet your users with clear expectations and show them how much they have to invest in your Tour


Allow users to exit or snooze your Tour; with their goal completed, they'll be more curious about your news

Boost product adoption and
reduce churn

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