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Segment Feature Change Modal

A single Step Tour from Segment that explains how a feature has changed. It leverages a clear visual and contextual position for higher impact.

Why is it a good user experience?

πŸ‘ Prompting users to learn more about the change enables them to continue to use the feature, get excited about an improvement, or seek more help.


Announcing the improvement as they engage with that section of the app, so it's clear, for all users, what has changed.


The media complements the page and brings extra clarity to the news.


A simple prompt that enables users to continue using the same feature. On your side, you can track if they "got it" by leveraging in-app events.

Want to replicate this?

Here's how to build with Chameleon

Use Tours: an Announcement that goes to specific users and sits on the page where the feature lives.

Learn more about Tours
URL Rules

Set the Tour to show up on a relevant page that is connected to the news you are sharing


You can use images, gifs, or videos to paint a clear picture for your users


Position your Announcement to be visible but not cover components that your users might want to check out

Boost product adoption and
reduce churn

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