How Lucy drove product adoption and saw a 6x increase in their NPS score with in-app messages

Lucy took ownership of its user onboarding process to drive more key actions and build an effective feedback loop
How Lucy drove product adoption and saw a 6x increase in their NPS score with in-app messages

🤔 Challenge: How can a knowledge management AI solution communicate directly with users at every touchpoint during onboarding to ensure the activation of critical features?

💡 Solution: Product Tours that reduce the need for assistance from Customer Success teams by 50% and Microsurveys that contribute to an effective feedback loop.

🏆 Outcome: Users are 5x more likely to complete key actions when guided by in-app messages. Plus, this leads to a 6x higher NPS score.

Lucy®, is an AI-powered enterprise knowledge management system created to solve a recurring issue for businesses: the organization of large amounts of unstructured data.

Lucy® serves as the ultimate AI-powered answer engine. She was created in 2015 to solve one of the most urgent and overlooked problems that exists in every organization: the daily scavenger hunt for information. Lucy liberates the corporate knowledge by getting the right answer, at the right time, no matter where it sits in the organization. Lucy frees capacity, breaks down knowledge silos and makes every team and individual more efficient and productive. Forward-thinking organizations leverage Lucy to drive value across the enterprise.

Lucy has already automatically indexed and tagged over 40 million pages of content from thousands of sources for her clients.

Giving Lucy control of the user onboarding process

Lucy’s Customer Success Team is proud of its white glove service and strives to offer stellar face-to-face interactions with its clients. However, in order to effectively collaborate with users spread across the globe, they needed to empower Lucy to educate and support their clients herself during the onboarding.

Identifying the need for Chameleon

In conversation with their Product Team, Lucy's CS representatives concluded that this wasn’t a solution that could be built in-house because of their rigid planning and development process.

If we were to build these tours and experiences ourselves, we'd have to wait for our releases and wouldn't be able to turn around experiences very quickly. Not to mention we'd really require a lot of time from our precious engineering resources."

Their core requirements included:

The ability to experiment

The solution needed to help them easily and quickly create and implement changes to support constant experimentation, a core value at Lucy.

The ability to adapt

Lucy is constantly going through product upgrades and enhancements, so the solution should be able to fit into the continually moving pipeline.

Lucy is constantly evolving and growing smarter every day. The features are set to amaze, delight, and empower people through knowledge. We needed a solution that would allow us to highlight these enhancements every week, something that was easy to use and quick to deploy.

Luke Burns, Director of Customer Success

The goal of implementing Chameleon as their Product Adoption Platform, was to obtain control over in-app communication without having to go through the engineering team. The expectation was to unlock the Customer Success Team's ability to quickly adapt to changes and use the power of integrations.

We chose Chameleon because of the ease of use and the integrations with our other messaging platforms, including

Luke Burns, Director of Customer Success

Since Chameleon offers the ability to create in-product onboarding flows with deep customization and targeting features, it was a winning solution for Lucy's team.

Expanding their use case: User onboarding + customer feedback

Initially, the team at Lucy was focused on using Chameleon Tours to easily build custom onboarding flows, but they quickly found value in also implementing Microsurveys, our user feedback solution, to generate a feedback loop for Customer Success and Product teams. 

Using Chameleon's in-app communication products, they were able to highlight Lucy's latest and greatest features and obtain user feedback through her constant product updates.

[User onboarding] is always ongoing, especially for an application that is evolving as quickly as Lucy. So, as we implement new customers and they bring feedback, we enhance our onboarding tours to support them and their use cases.

Luke Burns, Director of Customer Success

The impact on product adoption with Chameleon

Using primarily Chameleon Tours and Launchers, Lucy has guided customers towards elements of the product that they can benefit from. Applying audience segmentation filters, Lucy is able to communicate with her clients based on their business model and end-user profile with creative messaging that delights them and doesn't spam their inboxes. 

Paired with Chameleon's integration, they’re able to coordinate outbound and inbound campaigns by timing when in-app messages appear using the Rate Limiting feature, ensuring that users are not overwhelmed with information about Lucy.

Whether it's a ‘welcome to Lucy’ email, followed up by a Chameleon-built welcome message, then followed up by an in-person session with our Customer Support Team here at Lucy, we're able to – throughout the journey – ensure that users are constantly educated on how Lucy works and how she's evolving.

Luke Burns, Director of Customer Success

Reduced load on the Customer Success Team

The Customer Success Team at Lucy has seen dramatic decreases in the time to implement and onboard users with Chameleon-built Experiences. 

Giving users the ability to self-serve knowledge about the product has helped the team focus on areas where they can see more impact on growth, like A/B testing different onboarding flows and building audience segments.

📈 Result: Training sessions have been shortened by 50% 

In addition to having the number of CS training sessions cut by half, Lucy's team has seen some other benefits from Chameleon, like

✅ Users learn about key features at their own pace via self-serve in-app messages.

✅ Reduced load on the CS team and more time to focus on clients' first experiences.

✅ Ability to build out a larger volume of support resources for quicker time-to-value.

✅ Ability to support customer requests without engineering resources. 

Increased Net Promoter Score

Lucy has also been able to better capture rich customer feedback and build a continuous feedback loop with Microsurveys. 

By gathering specific feedback on why Lucy is loved or what she can do to improve, the team is able to continue with experimentation and constant evolution - their core tenets - and track the impact of specific feature usage and new features on users’ success throughout the product. 

By implementing a Net Promoter Score question through a Microsurvey, we now have a pulse on every Lucy account and how likely our customers or users are to recommend Lucy to their new coworkers and others.

Luke Burns, Director of Customer Success

📈 Result: Customers who interact with Chameleon-built Tours and in-app messages have a 6x higher NPS

Using Chameleon Microsurveys, Lucy was also able to:

✅ Replace various touchpoints with Chameleon-based in-app messages.

✅ Make users 5x more likely to interact with Chameleon-built messages.

✅ Lucy plans to use Microsurveys in upcoming product launch to leverage stakeholder feedback.

Increased feature adoption

Looking at their user behavioral data, Lucy found that users who use her filter capabilities have an NPS score that is six points higher. By leveraging that subtle increase, the team implemented several Chameleon-built Tooltips and Tours focused on increasing user perception of the filter tool, allowing users to get the information they need quicker and more effectively.

📈 Result: Users are 5x more likely to perform a key action using in-app messages built with Chameleon.

With Tours, Tooltips, and other in-app messages, Lucy has also seen: 

✅ Ability to create campaigns across different touchpoints.

✅ Active support from Chameleon's CS Team to run experimentations.

✅ More effective communication and optimization of time spent with users.

A partnership Lucy can trust

The Chameleon and Lucy teams have worked together from the early days of the partnership to ensure that our platform delivered exactly what Lucy needed to generate growth from in-app messages.

As a product company, we love listening to customer feedback and enhancing the application as a result. We’ve been the benefactors of the same treatment from the Chameleon team who has listened to our feedback and made several platform enhancements based on Lucy’s needs and our unique situations.

Luke Burns, Director of Customer Success

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