33 Product Management Newsletters Worth Landing in Your Inbox

We’ve rounded up 30+ valuable newsletters every PM should know about. Take your pick and fill that inbox with something worth reading.

Ray Slater Berry
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33 Product Management Newsletters Worth Landing in Your Inbox

Reading is... what? Fun-da-mental. This one’s for the Product Managers looking to stay ahead of the curve with daily inspiration and weekly learnings, or just want something insightful to read with their morning coffee. 

With so many product experts and companies out there sharing their insights and knowledge, product management newsletters are rife. In this article, you’ll find a round-up of 33 great newsletters you would want in your inbox hot off the press. 

If there’s one thing you sign up for today, make sure it’s something from this list. The library is officially open!

33 must-read newsletters for Product Managers #

Whether you’re looking for product management workflows and frameworks, the next best SaaS growth strategy, or product leaders and innovators to inspire your product team’s efforts—a newsletter is a solid starting point. Every PM and their cat should be signed up for at least one of these newsletters. 

Without further ado, let’s jump straight in.

1. Lenny's Newsletter #

What to expect: Product growth advice and learnings, as well as tips for accelerating your career as a PM. 

Rated the No. 1 business newsletter on Substack, Lenny’s Newsletter is packed full of rich, original content to help PMs set goals, build strategy, and stay at the forefront of tech news. However, it doesn’t stop there. Lenny flits between go-to-market strategies, handling benchmarks and metrics, product-market-fit, hiring, and building a product team—pauses for breath. The list is long, and every issue of the newsletter is well worth your time.

Delivery frequency: Weekly, on Tuesdays. 

Pricing: Free for one newsletter per month; $150 per year for weekly newsletters and Slack community access

2. The Beautiful Mess by John Cutler #

What to expect: Cross-functional product development tactics, helping you to build and maintain better products. 

Known best for his role as a Product Evangelist at Amplitude, as well as for sharing product wisdom on Twitter, John Cutler is also a creator of The Beautiful Mess newsletter. He transitioned to Toast as a Sr. Director of Product Enablement, but remained dedicated to writing weekly issues of the newsletter, offering an allusive mix of quantitative and qualitative data to help solve complex product problems.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

3. Kyle Poyar’s Growth Unhinged #

What to expect: One of those great newsletters that are doing things a little differently, with lots of tactics and advice from product leaders.  

As Operating Partner at OpenView, Kyle Poyar takes a closer look at some of the playbooks of the fastest-growing startups out there. Think case studies, PLG strategies, GTM strategies, and a community of over 18K founders, investors, and product people sharing their best advice and growth insights.  

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

4. Oleg Yakubenkov's GoPractice #

What to expect: An info-crammed newsletter to help you acquire and improve your PM skills. 

You’ll receive some of the best resources on product, marketing, analytics, and how data can help build and continue to grow your product. With over 10k subscribers, and a heap of products to play with, GoPractice is a must for helping to solve product-related problems. 

Frequency: N/A

Pricing: Free

5. Product Thoughts by Tim Herbig #

What to expect: Actionable product advice to implement into your daily/weekly/monthly goals and strategy. 

Tim Herbig’s newsletter delivers a sharp mix of curated product strategy, product goals, and product discovery insights. Tim’s done such a great job of it that 44% of subscribers say they’d be “very disappointed” if they could no longer read the newsletter—that’s 44% of over 9,600 practitioners! 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

6. Prioritised #

What to expect: A newsletter packed with tech news and trending articles around product management, product design, development, and more.

Prioritised is the newsletter from Mind The Product and it comes with an MTP Digest to get those product juices flowing and inspire your week. It was once a paid subscription but the good news is that it’s now free! 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

7. Reforge's newsletter #

What to expect: A life with product experts, new content drops, and exclusive industry insights fresh in your inbox. 

The Reforge newsletter delivers unique product growth examples from leading experts on a regular cadence. This newsletter is guaranteed to inspire your own product growth journey, as it collects real growth case studies and authentic learnings from PMs at the top of their game. 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

8. Work in Progress by Rick Pastoor #

What to expect: A product management-related thought to kickstart your week. 

Rick Pastoor is the Dutch bestseller behind GRIP — The Art of Working Smart (and getting to what matters most). Rick’s newsletter fires up your week with actionable thoughts you can implement into your daily routine as a PM and see if they stick. 

Delivery frequency: Weekly, every Monday. 

Pricing: Rick’s newsletter is free, and you’re encouraged to pledge your support.

9. Product Managers At Work #

What to expect: wonder what happens when former PMs from Facebook, Tesla, and Google build a newsletter? Wonder no more.

Alexis and Adrienne get together to share their knowledge from building products at some of the world’s leading SaaS companies. This newsletter will help you stay at the top of your game, scale growth teams, handle crises, and navigate your way through big tech. 

Frequency: N/A

Pricing: Free

10. The UX Collective Newsletter #

What to expect: An empowering newsletter to reframe how you think about product design: going from brief ‘fulfillers’ to design innovators. 

The UX collective newsletter delivers a holistic overview of the UX/UI design industry in a short read—we’re all busy people! As far as SaaS newsletters go, this one promises there are no hidden agendas or freebies that aren’t actually free. That’s what we like to see.

Frequency: Weekly, on Mondays

Pricing: Free

11. Mike Cohn's newsletter #

What to expect: Insights from Mike’s 28+ years of Agile and Scrum development that shine a light on how PMs can build quality dev teams. 

As far as product newsletters go, this one’s got to be one of the best—close to 75k people can’t be wrong. With Mike Cohn’s newsletter, you’ll be able to tailor the content deliveries going on to what interests you most. Take your pick from new blog posts, upcoming courses, special offers, the Agile mentors' community, and more!

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

12. 5-Bullet Friday by Tim Ferriss #

What to expect: Tim Ferriss needs little to no introduction, but his newsletter might: get five things Tim’s been loving, using, and reading in the past week.

You may be familiar with the Tim Ferriss podcast or perhaps one of his books: The “4-Hour Workweek — Escape 9–5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich” is on many PM’s digital bookshelves. Listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” and appearing on Fortune’s “40 under 40” list—this newsletter is short, sharp, and a must for product managers. 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

13. The Product School Newsletter #

What to expect: Go beyond school with this PM newsletter bringing invaluable resources directly to your inbox. 

The Product School newsletter collates their latest blog posts, job postings that are up your street, and a ton of events ideal for product managers. You’ll get first access to webinars from product people at Microsoft, Amazon, Coinbase, Squarespace, and more. 

Frequency: N/A

Pricing: Free

14. Product Manager HQ #

What to expect: The way they put it: “Our goal every week is to make you a better, smarter, higher-performing product manager”.

With Product Manager HQ, you can expect a round-up of stakeholder navigation tips, product strategy advice, tech at the top of its game, data mining insights, and all while joining a community of 35k+ product professionals. Sounds alright, right? 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

15. Ben Evans' newsletter #

What to expect: Big changes and new ideas sweeping the tech space that a PM needs to know about. 

Product newsletters often tend to focus on topics relevant to their brands, despite what may be happening in the tech space. However, Ben Evans goes against that. Ben rounds up and delivers the news you need to know about in order to build better products. This one will keep you in the know and at the top of your game. 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free subscribers get a brief roundup each Tuesday. For $10 per month or $100 per year, paid subscribers get an in-depth roundup each Sunday evening.

16. SaaS Weekly #

What to expect: A collection of stories, case studies, and strategies from SaaS leaders out there doing things the right way. 

SaaS Weekly sources content from leadership teams that will save you hours of searching and rephrasing questions on ChatGPT to find the results you need right now. As SaaS investor Kevin Xo describes it, “SaaS Weekly does a great job of featuring articles dedicated to a wide range of important SaaS concepts”

Frequency: Weekly 

Pricing: Free

17. ChartMogul SaaS Roundup #

What to expect: Three stories in each newsletter that are well worth your attention. 

Join over 19K subscribers for ChartMogul’s SaaS Roundup. The ChartMogul team covers everything from breaking down complicated analytics and SaaS metrics worth watching to strategies for sustainable product-led growth. It’s worth the read.   

Frequency: Weekly 

Pricing: Free

18. Morning Brew #

What to expect: Who doesn’t love a morning brew or some light reading that’s equally as hot? 

The Morning Brew goes against some of the other product newsletters we’ve shared in this article so far. They offer a wealth of topics that you can pick from, one of them being product orientated. However, if you fancy coupling your work-related read with financial insights, pop culture, or other passion points, this one’s for you.  

Frequency: Daily 

Pricing: Free

19. The Hustle #

What to expect:  “A forever free, 100% authentic newsletter for tech heads.”  

With one of the largest subscriber bases on this list, The Hustle lands in 2M+ inboxes across the globe. The newsletter promises to make you a smarter product manager in five minutes and shares a curation of news, trends, business growth stories, founder insights, and real-life works. 

Frequency: You can choose between a daily and weekly newsletter  

Pricing: Free

20. The Dash #

What to expect: Articles, videos, and other valuable resources related to UX writing, content strategy, and content design.  

The Dash is a weekly newsletter created by the team from UX Content Collective. It’s your weekly dose of UX writing tips, useful links, job postings, courses, news, and other useful resources curated from around the web. 

Frequency: Weekly, on Tuesdays

Pricing: Free

21. James Clear’s 3-2-1 newsletter #

What to expect: 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question to ponder on your coffee break.

James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, creates this 3-2-1 newsletter to offer a weekly round-up of three ideas from him, two quotes from others, and one question to think about within a wide range of topics. It’s one of the most popular newsletters out there, with over two million subscribers.    

Frequency: Weekly, every Thursday

Pricing: Free

22. User Interviews newsletter #

What to expect: A collection of UX research articles, reports, guides, podcasts, and the latest industry happenings.

The User Interviews newsletter offers valuable insight into all things UX research with the latest articles, reports, guides, and podcast episodes from their team, as well as other resources that you and everyone else who does UX research on your team wouldn’t want to miss. 

Frequency: weekly, on Thursdays

Pricing: Free

23. Andrew Chen’s newsletter #

What to expect: Essays on startups and metrics; it’s a “Silicon Valley insider’s look for both insiders and outsiders”.  

As a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, focusing on games, AR/VR, metaverse, and the tech industry, Andrew Chen writes a newsletter that features his long-form essays on startups, metrics, and network effects. It’s an essential read for startup founders, PMs, and everyone else trying to drive and scale product growth. 

Frequency: Occasionally

Pricing: Free

24. Demand Curve #

What to expect: Growth strategies, tactics, and lessons from fast-growing startups, so you don’t repeat their mistakes.

Demand Curve is a growth marketing newsletter created by the team from Bell Curve. Every issue is packed with top tips, proven strategies, advanced tactics, real-world examples, and valuable insights on customer acquisition and marketing. 

Frequency: Once a week

Pricing: Free

25. Growth.Design #

What to expect: User onboarding teardowns in a form of interactive case studies to inspire your own design growth.

Every issue of the Growth.Design newsletter brings a new user onboarding case study from a popular SaaS product or an app. It’s interactive and fun to go through, with lots of learnings on what works and what doesn’t, user psychology insights, and key takeaways for your own product design growth. The library of previously published case studies, which includes onboarding teardowns for apps like Airbnb, Uber, Trello, and others, is also available on their website. 

Frequency: When there’s a new case study to share

Pricing: Free

26. Freshly Squeezed PLG #

What to expect: Product-led growth tactics and strategies wrapped up in a 5-minute read.

From the team at ProductLed, comes the Freshly Squeezed PLG newsletter with the best tactics and strategies from the world's fastest-growing product-led companies. Topics include PLG strategy and planning, user onboarding advice, PLG case studies, and many more. 

Frequency: Once a week

Pricing: Free  

27. SaaStr Newsletter #

What to expect: SaaStr event video excerpts, podcast episodes, courses, and Twitter threads you need to know about.

Aside from the latest content pieces published on their website, the new and improved SaaStr Newsletter now also includes short video content from the SaaStr Annual and other SaaStr events, podcast episodes, popular posts from the archive, and a curated list of other valuable resources. Plus, with 100K+ Twitter followers, the newsletter includes insightful Twitter threads, too.    

Frequency: You can choose the newsletter you want to subscribe to; available options are SaaStr Daily, SaaStr Weekly, SaaStr Annual & Events, and Co-Selling Space

Pricing: Free

28. Product Mindset’s Newsletter #

What to expect: Articles, links, and resources on product management, as well as deep dives into specific frameworks, models, and workflows. 

Product Mindset’s Newsletter is a weekly insight into the world of product management, user-centered design, UX research, product discovery, and other topics that you and your whole team might find interesting. The full archive of previous editions is available on Substack.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

29. Feature Upvote #

What to expect: A monthly overview of articles, podcasts, book reviews, and more.

Feature Upvote creates its newsletter for product managers and sends it out once a month. It features new articles from their blog, reviews of product management books and podcasts they like, helpful resources from across the web, and occasional Twitter gems. Topics include user feedback, feature request tracking, idea management, product insights, and more. 

Frequency: Monthly

Pricing: Free

30. Chartr #

What to expect: A mix of data-driven insights into business, tech, entertainment, and society wrapped up in a 5-minute read.

Chartr is a weekly data visualization newsletter that explores and analyzes insightful data sets through engaging charts and graphics. Each issue includes 3-4 data visualizations along with commentary and analysis.

Frequency: Weekly, every Monday

Pricing: Free

31. BetaList #

What to expect: A daily digest of the newest, hottest startups worth the watch.

BetaList is a daily newsletter that features new and upcoming startups, providing readers with a first look at innovative ideas and products. Each issue features a handful of startups, along with a brief description and links to their websites. 

Frequency: Daily, Monday to Friday

Pricing: Free

32. Product Hunt #

What to expect: Your next favorite product, delivered directly to your digital door.

In a form of a daily newsletter, Product Hunt offers a round-up of new, exciting, and popular products from the platform. Use it to discover and explore innovative solutions in tech and SaaS. Each issue features a curated selection of products, along with brief descriptions and links to their PH profiles.

Frequency: Daily, Monday to Friday

Pricing: The daily newsletter is free. Product Hunt also offers a premium subscription for $199/year, which includes access to exclusive content and features.

33. CS Insider #

What to expect: The advice and insights you need to thrive in customer success.

No matter your level of knowledge and experience, CS Insider will bring you the pro tips, tools, and insights to help you stay ahead of the curve with the industry happenings and accelerate your CS growth. 

Frequency: 1-2 times per week

Pricing: Free

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get subscribed! #

There you have it, 33 great product-orientated newsletters to warm your inboxes, spice up your days, and brighten your weeks.

Did you make it all this way without subscribing to a newsletter? Choose your top picks and subscribe to enjoy an inbox you can’t wait to open! 

Or, save this article as your go-to resource for all the product, UX, SaaS, and tech newsletter goodness you can find out there, and get back to it for inspiration and new reads.

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