2023 in Review: top releases for effortless product adoption

See our most impactful releases from the past year that help you drive better product adoption

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2023 in Review: top releases for effortless product adoption

One size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to product adoption—and there’s no set recipe for success 🙃. But, with the right set of UX patterns, top-notch control over who sees what and when, and a sprinkling of user delight—product adoption gets a lot easier.

Last year at Chameleon, we shipped hundreds of new features, improvements, and fixes to help you control with confidence, delight your customers, connect your stack better, and become a master in product adoption. Let’s zoom in on some of the most loved features from 2023.

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We kicked off last year with a focus on user delight #

It was cold outside in Q1 2023, but we were set on warming up and winning your users’ hearts 💚

We drilled down on bolstering our integrations so that you can offer your users more self-serve support options. Additionally, we made it easier for you to know when things have changed—meaning no nasty surprises in-app due to crossed wires on teams. In Q1, we launched:

New integrations with Intercom and Zendesk #

Just like the winter ice, there should be no friction for your users as they glide through your app. We made it easy (like, one-click easy), for users to get the information or help they need. Check out how to launch docs or chats with Intercom or Zendesk in your app.

The new Activity Feed #

See all major events and who updated what on each experience you create with Chameleon. You can see when it was created, who changed any settings, and any notes left by teammates. This live feed made it easier for teams to collaborate on building, launching, and editing in-app UX. No more “did somebody change…”. Learn more about the “Activity feed” in Chameleon.

We sprung into Spring with smarter ways to work #

Your job is hard enough, and adding lengthy go-live processes to your to-dos isn’t what anyone wants to do. That’s why in Spring, we focused on making it smoother, faster, and more efficient for you to launch in-app UX to your users. In Q2, 2023, we launched:

AI enhancements in the Builder #

To speed up your flows and improve the way you engage users in-app, you can leverage an AI assistant to improve content or generate new copy from existing help documentation. See what the robots can do.

More new integrations; Pitch, Loom, Figma, Livestorm #

Who knew you could do so much with one button?! Open a Pitch presentation, play a Loom, showcase a Figma prototype, or register someone for your next Livestorm webinar (our PMM teams’ favorite 😉 Check out the integrations you can launch from buttons in Chameleon.

Starting from scratch every time adds up. Steal that time back by using one of our pre-set templates for our most popular use cases—or, create a Template out of any Experience you create to use again and again. More on our Templates here.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) #

Feel confident that your Chameleon space is safe and secure, always. With 2FA you can control how your team accesses your account and sleep tight knowing you’re protected against phishing and attackers. Read more about enabling it for your account.

In Summer, the sun shone on in-app flexibility #

Grab your popsicles for this one—we launched a hot selection of features in Q3, 2023. We welcomed even more(!) new friends to our integrations' collection to make your existing stack work harder—and we introduced new ways to launch your in-app UX. In Q3, we launched:

Even more new integrations; Arcade, GitBook, Google Docs, Navattic… #

Do more with the content you already have. Bring your interactive demos into your product, highlight help docs from GitBook, or showcase onboarding docs that live in a Google Doc. Check out all 35+ Chameleon integrations.

New on-page triggers #

Don’t annoy your users with in-app messages when they’re right in the middle of something. Instead, show an Experience when you detect a pause in their activity with Smart Delay. You can also trigger an Experience during a certain action e.g. keyboard input or go wild and creative with Custom Triggers. Explore our different “On-Page Triggers”.

Autumn made way for the new year and fresh new UX patterns #

Autumn was the pièce de résistance of 2023—if we do say so ourselves 💅 we delivered two new in-app UX patterns; HelpBar and in-line Banners as well as giving our A/B testing functionality a huge level-up. The goal was to make your app, your users’ favorite place to be. Let’s dig into those Q4 launches:

HelpBar and our free plan #

The latest UX pattern that combines your existing help documentation, connected integrations, and AI answers—HelpBar is a (free) Command+K “Spotlight Search” built for SaaS teams. Users can access your HelpBar whenever they need help and can get answers immediately—so they can turn into power users independently. Get HelpBar.

A/B testing improvements #

🎤 Testing, testing… this thing is on! You can create, edit, set goals, and analyze your tests from the Dashboard as well as let Chameleon decide when to promote a winning variant. We added AI enhancements, to make it easier than ever to test what works for product adoption. See how A/B Testing works in Chameleon, here.

New in-line Banners #

Go with the flow of your users while keeping your messages front and center. For less intrusive in-app guidance you can place a banner anywhere in your app, along with your app content/elements. This makes your messages easily accessible when users aren’t actively performing tasks and increases the chances of engagement. Learn how to create Banners.

Tour Branching #

You can configure your Tour buttons to take users to any other Step in the Tour, depending on what they struggle with or want to know more about. When flows get complicated, review all actions on the “Interactions map” to see how users can progress through your tour. 

Looking ahead to 2024 👀 #

As Chameleons do, we have one eye on what we’ve built already and how to make it even better, and one eye looking to the future of user onboarding and product adoption. Expect 2024 to bring better in-app experiences for all; including new patterns and seamless ways to engage.

For a sneak peek of the year to come—check your Dashboard soon for a refreshed homepage and a smart new way to benchmark how engaging your Experiences are 😉

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