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Six Quick Wins for User Onboarding

Join Kirsty Finlayson, Director of Product Marketing and Content at Chameleon, for a speedy and actionable workshop on hidden easy wins in your onboarding flows.

Watch the full ~30 min recording, or skip to the highlights below.

User Onboarding Win 101: Cut your product tour steps

We gave you this one as a "freebie" tip. Our benchmark report showed that if you launch a product tour with more than four steps, the completion rate will dip by 50% once you add that fifth step 🫠

Get a quick win in the bag by chopping up your tours into smaller, more digestible chunks of learning.

Win #1: A/B test your tour copy

The average Chameleon tour step contains 23 words. That's not much...

"This is an example of a twenty-three-word sentence; it's short, easy to scan, and engaging for your users to learn more about your product"

Challenge yourself to keep the entire onboarding flow to under 100 words. Use images or videos to complement your guidance. It's just like those short tour steps, we want our copy to be punchy and succinct too.

Win #2: Remove upfront friction and add nudges instead

We often need users to do something boring to continue with your product. This might be an ID check or email verification.

One quick win is to allow users to progress in your app while reminding them with a banner about what needs to be done.

💡 PetScreening, saw a 25% increase in conversions with an in-app banner reminding users to fill out their profile.

"Each person who used Chameleon drove some wins within the first couple of weeks of using it."
Jack Trepp, Director of Data Activation

Need help finding friction?

Make a copy of our friction log template, no email needed

Win #3: Experiment with your user onboarding triggers

Take a look at your onboarding flows. How are they triggered? If most run on autopilot, then there's lots of room to experiment and improve 🎉

We found that self-served product tours, such as those from a checklist Launcher, had 2x the completion rate of "one-size-fits-all" tours.

Win #4: Introduce softer in-app conversion points

Here's a win to improve your in-app free-to-paying customer conversion. By identifying those who are active in your product but not engaging with any of your prompts or outreach, try an "always there" banner.

Use softer touch points such as group demos or feature launch webinars to get them learning more about what you offer.

Win #5: Let users come back to your onboarding

You don't know what's happening when someone signs up for your product. They might be about to dash off to a meeting, or their dog might need a walk. For a quick win, experiment with snoozing in your user onboarding.

We see that ~3% of users will complete a tour after snoozing it. While that doesn't sound like much, if you have 1000 users, you can engage 30 more people who would have exited your tour otherwise.

💡 Level up this quick win by coordinating your onboarding tours with timely emails

Win #6: Trigger surveys when you think something's amiss

We find that multi-button surveys get you the best response rates. This quick win uses an emoji scale survey that launches on pages where you think users might need assistance, e.g. /help pages.

Ask users how they're doing so you can spot and swat any confusion in the moment. Make sure you add an additional feedback step to get specific feedback on how your users are doing.

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