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Show multiple Banners in the same place

✨ Stack multiple Banners in the same place

Leverage embedded Banners to guide users with clear steps in a non-intrusive way or promote different content types. You can display multiple Banners that leverage the same on-page element and easily update the order in which they appear to users from the Dashboard.

This way, you give users a clear place for help and education without interrupting their flows with multiple messages.

Chameleon's Tour Priority order in the Dashboard

πŸ‘‰ Explore Embeddable Banners.

✨ Easier to leverage Templates

We've made it easier for you to have better visibility over the different Templates you can use right away. Find the right Template for your use case, and always know at a glance what you've added to your account πŸ”–

Chameleon's Template Gallery with use case browing options

πŸ‘‰ Explore how you can leverage Experience Templates.

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