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Better Microsurvey Reporting

✨ Updated Responses summaries

We revamped our whole Microsurvey Analytics section to give you better visibility over the responses you gather. Find updated summaries sections, where you can review the most common answers or your average score (depending on the type). Or see a list of all the users who left specific responses by clicking the πŸ‘₯ audience count in your Dashboard.

To help you filter through responses, simply click to bring up the users who left specific responses in the responses table on each Microsurvey.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about Microsurvey reporting in Chameleon.

✨ To help you connect with "Neglected" users or better understand who is engaging with your Experiences, you can now review both from the Homepage. Click on the audience count to open a slide-over where you can review all users (and their associated data across Chameleon).

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