How to be customer-centric as a product leader

Customer centricity is more than just listening to customers and putting them first - so what does it mean and how can we build this into our teams?

While everyone in the company should adopt a customer-centric approach, leaders are truly responsible as the ones who build the team, establish processes, and define success.

Join our upcoming fireside chat with special guest Janna Bastow, CEO & Co-Founder of ProdPad, hosted by Chameleon’s CEO & Co-Founder, Pulkit Agrawal, as they explore how to:

  • • Find the best people for your business and onboard them for success

  • • Foster a customer-centric culture throughout the entire company

  • • Develop internal processes that use customer feedback to help prioritize and roadmap

  • • Make better leadership decisions aligned with customers’ needs and goals

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