How to activate users faster with effective onboarding flows

With PLG being the norm these days, when someone signs up to your product, you should expect they have five other products lined up at the same time. New signups need to be gently guided to find value in your product before they lose interest and move to the next tab; it’s high-stakes stuff. 

And onboarding doesn’t finish after the first “aha!” moment - it’s an ongoing layer of guidance that will keep your users coming back for more.

So what are some top tips for creating the best onboarding flows all the way from concept to launch?

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  • ✅ Why user activation is the backbone of product-led growth

  • ✅ How effective onboarding flows make user activation a breeze

  • ✅ 6 tactics for building the best onboarding flows throughout the user journey

  • ✅ How tools like Chameleon help implement winning user onboarding

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