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Zendesk User Onboarding Checklist

Tooltip to prompt the user to go through a checklist that drives activation through completing account setup

The first checklist item from Zendesk, displayed in the top left of the screen. The SaaS onboarding modal displays a completion ring and manages expectations with the copy:

What this user experience is

A tooltip that shows you where the user onboarding checklist is.

Experience Type


What it's trying to achieve

Zendesk is trying to capture the user’s attention to where the checklist is and get them to go through the checklist in order to complete their account setup, increasing user activation.

Why is it a good user experience?


For a new user it helps to go through an onboarding process. A modal that points out where the checklist is makes it easier for the user to take the first steps and find out more about the product.


The modal does not force the user into the onboarding checklist, but simply states that it is there. The user can start the onboarding checklist whenever they want.


The CTA acts as an exit button for this modal, and the copy is straightforward.

How to build this experience with Chameleon

Here's how you can replicate this with the Chameleon Builder using the Tour feature.

  • Create an Announcement Tour
  • Add a Step and configure it in the Builder
  • Set its position anchored to an element
  • Add a pointer to indicate where it is being applied
  • Add an on-page trigger
How to build this experience with Chameleon

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