How Squaredance reduced feedback turnaround time from a month to a week with Chameleon

How Squaredance reduced feedback turnaround time from a month to a week with Chameleon

🤔Challenge: How can a fast moving product-oriented company get feedback from users faster?

đź’ˇ Solution: An in-product Microsurvey builder that is highly customizable and can be deployed at scale

🏆 Outcome: A reduction of feedback turnaround time from a month to a week after implementation.

Founded in 2010, Squaredance is an affiliate partner marketing platform that helps DTC brands drive customer acquisition at scale. Its partnership marketplace gives brands access to a broad network of media buyers, publishers and brand ambassadors, matching customers with media partnerships through machine learning. 

A need for better feedback gathering 

As the company was growing with a constantly evolving product, Squaredance needed to gather feedback quickly and efficiently from thousands of users. 

Squaredance had previously been booking interviews with users when they wanted to collect information, which meant they were beholden to the schedules of others, having to wait for availabilities in order to book meetings. For a company with a product that needed to move fast, this was a blocker for product velocity.

I was trying to get all qualitative feedback from user interviews, but users didn't have the time for that. I needed to be able to very quickly and efficiently gather a lot of feedback, in a short amount of time, and from a lot of people to get to the answers that we needed.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

From scheduling user interviews to logging their feedback, it would take around a month until Squaredance had any concrete feedback. This was where they began to look for a tool that enabled them to survey users in an fool-proof way.

We need answers fast and to be able to have validation and feel that certainty about the decisions that we're making.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

When considering Chameleon as their solution, Squaredance was impressed by the versatility of the Builder as it provided sufficient customization options to create exactly what they needed to collect high-quality feedback. Chameleon’s integration with Segment, Squaredance's Customer Data Platform (CDP), was the cherry on the cake.

A big part of the decision was the Chameleon Builder. It's just very customizable.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

The seamless setup and great customer support along the way made it easy for Squaredance to get started and implement the solution across different departments within the company.

Jake from the Sales team was so helpful and just really transparent with us. He really tried to help us understand whether this was the right solution for us.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

Discovering in-app surveys and more

Besides learning that in-app surveys have higher response rates than alternative methods, Squaredance also found that Chameleon would be valuable for more teams that just the Product division.

In-app surveys

First, Chameleon allowed Squaredance to collect qualitative feedback from users through its Microsurveys. This was exactly what Squaredance was looking for from the start and Chameleon provided the depth of customization and scalability that the product team desired.  

example of a Microsurvey SquareDance launched to get user feedback in-app

Feature announcements 

Second, Chameleon enabled Squaredance to announce feature launches and other updates to users through engaging experiences. A big plus for this was that they wouldn’t have to involve developers who were too busy to take on such tasks.

It's been so wonderful to do feature launches asynchronously myself without stealing time from my very busy developers to create these experiences.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

With Chameleon, the product team was able to move quickly alongside the engineers, allowing them to efficiently build in-product communication to facilitate feature adoption. 

With Chameleon, I can spin up an in-app announcement in five minutes and notify everyone. It helps us operate at the speed that we want to.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

Product tours 

Finally, Chameleon allowed Squaredance to explain complex features to users through interactive tours, helping them understand how to use the product more effectively.

Our industry is niche, so people could be coming in with various backgrounds of knowledge on different topics. Using Tours has been helpful to educate people about the tools we're building so that they can use them effectively.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

Results: Gathering valuable feedback in less than 2 days

Once Squaredance implemented Chameleon and started collecting user feedback, the results were excellent. The month-long time frame for getting feedback from users was reduced to a mere week. The Microsurveys launched inside their product achieved an average completion rate of 30%.

When we implemented the Microsurveys, within a week we had qualitative data about how our users felt about our features, but we were also able to see behavioral data on decisions people were making. It just really improved our whole discovery cycle on the product side.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

Chameleon has proven to be an excellent solution for Squaredance's challenges. The software's customizability, ease of use, and integrations with other tools have made it an indispensable tool for the company. Chameleon has allowed Squaredance to create better product experiences, collect more feedback, and explain complex features to users more effectively.

I use Microsurveys almost every other day, launching new ones and deprecating old ones. And it's really so handy, especially since our users have such intricate knowledge of our industries, we can't just go to anyone and ask them about things. So it's very helpful that way.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

Furthermore, usage of Chameleon has spread across the company, enabling Squaredance’s various teams to leverage the power of the software to gather more feedback from users, create engaging product experiences, and explain complex product features to users more effectively.

It’s not just the Product team using Chameleon, but Customer Success, Support, Marketing, and other departments also leverage this tool. So it's become a unifying experience for us.

Natalie Mastracci, Head of Product

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